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A hint of lavender color... typical of what strain??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by fridgestar, May 15, 2011.

  1. I grabbed some kush from my dealer and he gave me a strain that was really dank smelling but he didn't know what it was, had a ton of hairs all over it, really hairy, and I noticed when i grinded up a nug of the kush, it had a small bit of lavender colored leaves inside (not highly visible from just looking at the nug, only noticed when i grinded). can anyone give me a general direction to what strain this might be?
  2. it could be anything from holy fuck to jesus christ, dude, no one knows what strains are what, 99% of all weed is just given random names imho.
  3. damn, hate not knowing what im smoking.
  4. Idk,maybe it's Grand daddy purple

  5. welcome to the club :wave:
  6. You referred to it as "kush" at the beginning of your post. Yet you're asking what the strain is? Well, any strain that is a kush is more times than not an indica dominant hybrid.

    Now you see the problem with calling any dank weed "kush", if its lineage can't be traced back to some strain of legitimate kush, then its NOT kush.

    However, I did have some bud that was really similar to what you described.

    Lime green buds, frosted, pretty hairy, has a dank weed smell, and when I threw it in my grinder the ground product had little hints of a very light purple almost pinkish color.

    Not saying that the weed I had is the same as yours, either way, it was no name dank, so I have no way to help ya out

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