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    Lately, a lot of vaporizer threads have been coming up, often asking quality vs. price and for comparisons, etc.

    In the past, some have suggested using the Hakko above a bong's bowl for an alternative.

    Well, I guess I took that idea and ran with it, to come up with a way for those of you without a Vaporizer to have one now, all you need is:
    -Hakko 456
    -GonG (18.8)
    -A Screen

    Insert the screen (you can get them @ head shops, like $1 for 20) in your downstem (like pictured), load it, and vaporize away (follow picture tutorial).

    Most of us do have GonGs, so even if you don't have a Hakko, the cost of one is $35-$40, and well worth it. Hakkos use all ceramic heating elements and at 63w it is glowing hot ready to use in ~30 seconds. This is a high-quality, lower costing replacement compared to those cheap, E-bay vaporizers that leach chemicals and contain unsafe heating elements.

    I could go on, but I'll leave it open to comments/questions/concerns.

    I vaped a couple bowls and it worked very well for me. However, it's time to get back to the real deal (see last picture).

    Take it easy GC :wave:
    Back to Da Buddha :):
  2. too bad i dont have a hakko
  3. Can we get a vid of you vaping like that? I'm interested.

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