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    So i've been growing 4 bagseeds.
    Yes, i know i was asking for hermies just by starting with bagseeds... but i just germinated them to see if anything would happen and now it's about 2 months later. They have had a tough up bringing as well. Went though several different homes before they were settled in the tent...
    Two are male. They have been removed from the tent.
    One is female. She is looking good. All LSTed and pushing up lots of tops.
    One was female too, but is now showing male balls in places.
    They have been in flower for approximately a week and a half, however both girls were showing preflowers for a week and a half before i flipped the lights.
    My question is now that i only have ONE plant with potential, and they're just bagseeds, should i just keep the hermie (picking off male flowers when i see them) and flower two plants. Seems like a waste of electricity to flower one girl.
    However, i do have a few more who are 2 weeks old that i could just put in there as well...
    Ah i don't know... i just don't want to chuck her/him away. So many bud sites...

  2. If i do put the little ones in there as well, would it be worth going back to a veg routine with the ONE i have left now? or 12/12ing the little ones from like 2 or 3 weeks old..?
  3. You cant pick of all the flowers and the seed pods will replace bud mass i'd chop it and have 1 really good plant
  4. yeah, i think you're right... i know it's the best thing to do... i just can't bare to lose 3 of 4 plants... i knew bagseeds would be a bit shit, but i've never had that high a percentage go male/hermie. only done a couple of small grows, but still... 
    ah well, my new plan is to keep the ONE female in the tent under a 90w LED (a UFO shape one by Vipar LED - not sure on quality yet, it' my first grow with it) and then have two 125w red spectrum CFLs hanging down either side of her.
    she's in about 12 litres of soil (in a Root Pouch fabric pot). i think she might be Durban Poison... or Thai... she's straight sativa for sure... hence the LST in my tent.
    do you think i'll need to up the size of the container?
    probably got like 8 or more weeks left i guess.
    under another 100w rectangular LED (bought from budmaster, before they changed to their new, squarer designs) and a little 30w flouro tube i have 5 more little plants. 2 x Nirvana - PPP (one of which has displayed whorled phyllotaxy on the first two nodes so far), 2 purple kush seeds from a friends outdoor grow... (so kinda just more bagseeds then) and 1 De Sjamaan - Purple Widow.
    they're in 5 inch diameter pots at the moment and are about 2 or 3 weeks old. they have only just gone under the LED though. they've been under just the flouro till now.
    i was thinking of sticking them in the tent to flower with the LSTed one (and moving their LED in there too), was hoping to use them as little ones to fill the gaps when i had 4 plants, but now that there's a lot more space i'm thinking of vegging them for longer in their current situation.
    if i flower them now though, would i need to repot them halfway through flower? would that not cause unnecessary stress? shall i veg them longer..?
    i'm a little pushed for time. i want to finish these and then do a quick crop of autos before i have to move house in about 15 weeks time... haha!
    feel free not to reply to this ramble... i'm high (surprise surprise) and i think i may have just answered all my own questions with this thread...
  5. when i say two CFLs either side of her i mean 2 of them in total, one on each side...
    so she's going to be getting 125w CFL from each side (one side of which is close to the tent wall, so will be reflecting nicely too) and the 90w LED from above...
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    You don't want to be re potting during flowering cycle, if it's drinking the water quickly and the soil is hard then i'd re pot now and then dlower her.

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