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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by roach, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Friends of Grasscity ,

    In the hopes of avoiding another catastrophe like happened when a member of "another discussion board" brutally murdered his mother ,I sincerely hope all of Grasscity's members ,be aware of a that certain level of sensitivity required to see (and then perhaps help) members with real life and death issues .

    Thanks ,

  2. I agree. What happened to bring this about?
  3. a member of another group ,with an easilly detectable pattern of violent posts on a site that didn't care ,killed his mother.

    Three months prior had posted of his hatred for her (and all women) and implied violent intentions.

    To protect themselves the boards banned many members who were discussing it afterwards ,and deleted the account of the "killer" (along with all his history).


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  4. I trust the mods to sort out the nuts. They know what they're doing.

    -THE roach
  5. holy shit man i didnt even know bout this...how did they find out who he was in 'real life'?
  6. Another member actually knew him ,yet said nothing.

    to "The roach"

    The mods are the problem ,not the solution in this instance.

    but 'that' discussion doesn't belong @ Grasscity.:)

    nice name......:yay:

    No my post is not to rip on another board..................my heads up is because I been on boards for a number of years ,and feel they owe their members at least an open ear when they come. Sometimes on boards it's hard to detect unspoken requests for help amongst all the other "noise" that goes on in some of todays forums.

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