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a handful of white rhino... and thoughts

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iCeD MeTaL, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Joyful things in life.......

    Winning the lottery

    Getting a promotion in your job

    Buying your dream car

    Scoring some dank after being dry for awhile, and really wanting to enjoy the weekend




    some white rhino in the palm of my hand


    fairly fresh , whole buds. lots of orange fuzziness and lots of crystals, not the dankest because its not sticky but still pretty decent

    taste --> earthy, a tad spicy, but generally smooth

    buzz --> huge difference from the kush i've been smoking for the past month or two. very little burnout, no more sleepiness. i actually almost screwed myself over last night when i took two pipe hits and realized afterward that i wasnt getting drowsy like i usually do. however as the effects wore off it was all good.

    device --> bong, packed bowl

    initial reaction --> unlike most indica dominant kushes, there is no strong headrush in the beginning. rather, it is a very mellow high, and your perceptions are definitely heightened. your head is reasonably clear, although not explosively creative like some strong sativas.

    15 mins later --> body buzz starts to kick in. you start to feel weightlessness, just like the popular song. this state of mind feels dreamlike, although again not quite as strong as some kushes where you feel couch-locked and in a trance. here i am still in control and reasonably motivated.

    45 mins later --> unless i light another bowl this is where it starts to wear off for me, my tolerance is not very low anymore. i find that if the high is extended beyond 1-1 1/2 hrs , when that body buzz starts to wear off you will feel a little tired. however you wont be sleepy. i got up and stretched alot.

    social --> pretty good. i felt that i heard and understood what people were saying quite clearly, even as i was slightly distracted by doing something else, such as putting stuff back into my wallet. felt very relaxed and calm, with a slight touch of euphoria.

    Then again everyone has different reactions but mine has been quite positive. im also looking forward to some other new stuff in the near future, keep an eye out for it :smoke:
  2. Lookin good, looks dense and full of crystals
  3. Looks like the white rhino I picked up, very nice indica strain :smoke: :D looking good bro.
  4. I'm smoking some labrador, myself
  5. Welcome to the club man :smoke:

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