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A half of Dro

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NOTORIOUS BLUNT, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. is a quarter of Dro for $100 a good deal also is $50 for 3 g's a good deal as well
  2. 100 a quarter is a straight deal for me if its flame as hell and 50 bucks for 3.5 aint a bad deal just ask for a full 8th
  3. we call that 50 bud around here. thats top of the line type shit around here.
  4. thats terrible.. i pay 20$ for fire here.. i live in RI and i can get 70$ a quarter of 15$ a g dro.
  5. 15 a gram 70 a quarter you better never buy a gram
  6. you guys are some straight fucking idiots! ill get you a oz of fucking flames for $90 please just hop off no one out there smokes fucing bud like me ill smoke till my fucking lungs are filled with smoke so hollar at me when you get on my LEVEL :wave:
  7. Lmao,if you arent joking then its even funnier.
  8. ur a moron. sweet first post.^

    i just paid 120 for a quarter of some bomb purp so 100 seems fair for dro. depends on where u live tho.
  9. my buddy pays 120 to 125 for some straight chronic but im not usually forking up that cash for a quarter
  10. ^^great first post god that guy is my hero i wish i could smoke like him. SIKE his flamers are probably swisher shell guts
  11. But...but...I don't think I could sink down to your level. I mean...kindergarten was like over 35 years ago for me...;)
  12. i want him to get me an oz of flame for 90 that sounds good. Hey dude dont be lame or people wont like you
  13. im loling hella hard. ill smoke til my fucking lungs are filled with smoke hahahahaha
  14. Lol. Just because it's "dro" doesn't make it good. 100 for a quarter imo is too much to pay for anything other than the finest sensimilla. Hydroponic is a method of growing not a strain... What if someone took a seed from some mexican dirtweed and grew it hydroponically? It would still be shitty mexican dirt weed.
  15. Shh. Prices vary by country, state, city, street, dealer, and friend. If that is the cheapest half o of dro you can find then buy it. Needless to say, check the quality of the product before you purchase.
  16. Quality, not name! :)

  17. unless the mexican dirt weed had good genetics and was just poorly grown.

    good advice tho, its about how healthy the plant is during its lifetime rather than if the roots are sitting in soil or water.
  18. yeah thats a straight deal. just picked up on flame ass dro for 100 too. :smoking:
  19. OMFG thats hilarious i just noticed that. lmao

  20. DRO is not a strain. Dro is short for hydro which is short for hydroponics, a method of growing.

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