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A Guide Worth Reading

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by beyoundinfinite, May 24, 2010.

  1. Just because I don't got much else to do this minute I'm about to make a little guide to accurately navigating through the world of ganja. Check it.


    Following is a list of standard Kine Bud pricing. Try to just fuck with Kines. No need to smoke that mid level bud. What are we, savages? And don't get your shit ripped. Yo.

    5 Sac = .3
    10 = .6-.7
    15 = .9
    20 = 1.1-1.3
    25 = 1.5-1.6
    30 = 1.8-2.0
    35 = 2.1-2.3
    40 = 2.4-2.6
    45 = 2.7-2.9
    50 = 3.0-3.2
    55 = 3.3-3.5
    60 = 3.5-3.8

    Keep in mind coping a sac larger than a 20 but smaller than a 60 will most likely result in inconsistent pricing per amount. It's not as standard and sorta creates a hassle or simply a situation in which the dealer can benefit by shwanking you. If you're coping less then an 8th I recommend sticking to the solid 10. 10's are usually always the best deal. Remember prices vary. Always try to get the best deal.

    Past 60 sacs you aren't gonna approach dealers with an errant amount of cash. At that point you would cop as follows.

    Never drop more than a hundo on a quo unless it's absurdly dank

    Aim for a price range between $160-170, especially if intending to slang

    Past this point my personal knowledge drops. But...

    Ounces = 300-400
    Quarter Pounders = 1250+

    I'll continue with this once I can think of more to post. Post if you got questions.
  2. I can get an ounce of mid's for 180.

    I once got a QP for 350$. Again, mids.
  3. This guide won't work since there is NO set price for bud. It's different everywhere.

  4. I probably could to. I wouldn't want to.
  5. Then why make the thread? Pointless :confused:

  6. There is a standard brah and if you aren't familiar with that standard you are bound to get yo shit ripped. I'm tryna let those who don't know the standards.
  7. Our friends in canada would laugh at this "standard" price then. Make note of what area you are referring too, cause I doubt you know the prices everywhere.
  8. I get 3.5 for 40, headies. Can get that from any dealer.

  9. True. I mean this is real close to Canada so I'm slightly surprised. I do know a 20 dollar gram is standard and 60 dollar 8th are standard nationally, so I wouldn't be surprised if the other prices I listed fall in line across the nation. I'm sure there is some variation, but this is on some commonplace need to know shit.

  10. Well shit, you don't live in the Midwest.
  11. Neither do a lot of people.

    So this can't be a guide for "the world of ganja."

  12. Ha you clever douche. But yeah I mean, this is on point for the Midwest. Like ON POINT. So I'm assuming it's pretty on point everywhere else. I'd like to know the exact situation of how you are aquiring an 8th for 40. You say that's standard? I say, damn son. That's some shit.
  13. It's different everywhere, but you could expect to pay 20 for a g at a lot of dispensaries, and I'd definitely call that kine bud, as well as a fairly standard rate, especially with new dealers. You put 1.1+ for that. Not saying thats an unrealistic or uncommon buy, but your numbers are off on a few of those.
  14. This.

    Nice guide for people living in your area. Useless to me because those prices are way off the actual prices around here.
  15. A guide like this makes no sense, it cant cover everywhere. You have to make a guide for an area, not just a guide.
  16. In my city it's specically 1.1 1.2 ish. strait 1.0 is pretty skimp. I mean i would not be happy with that 20. If I'm copping a 20 I would expect 1.2, 1.3 maybe 1.4, but standard is like 1.1 1.2
  17. Pacific Northwest. :smoke:
  18. There might be a standard for each city, or town, but there is definitely no 'Standard' price for all bud.
  19. I guess this could be used as a guide to how much bud you should atleast get for the amount of money. So it stops people from ripping people off sorta if they follow this guide if they get more bud for less money then good atleast you know our not getting ripped off badly with this guide.
  20. you didnt really specify but i get mids for 90 an o right now
    those are crazy high prices if youre just talking about mids

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