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    [FONT=&quot]We have a god. So what? We have no god. Boo fuckin’ hoo. I’m agnostic. Ah, finally! They labeled your inability to make a decision! You need to pray to God/The Gods. Nope. There are things that we cannot perceive. Don’t care. Only physical exists, I am only made up of chemical processes. Good, since that is such a shitty definition of yourself, I’ll label you as undefined because I know exactly who I am, motherfucker. What's outside the universe? I dunno, cranberry juice? If people didn’t take religion so literally, they might not get so worked up over it. Are you gonna be the one to change their mind? I trust in science. I trust in dick sucking. Everyone should let everyone have their own beliefs and opinions, man. Good, then shut the fuck up about it! Most importantly, we are all one. I am not you so shut the fuck up. Fine, what is your point? There is no point. So there is no point to anything? That’s the point. [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Do you ever feel like we go in circles?[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Think for yourself!! That is how you define yourself and your reality. Do not let others shape these things for you. Make your own point to life.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]O.k., now that I made my point and to anyone who might still be reading, let me elaborate on the way I am philosophizing a point. Before I begin, let me make clear that this concept is nothing new, I am just superimposing (and rather poorly, I might add) onto something I read about and admittedly don’t know much about the mathematics of, other than the general basics. But basically, the idea is that perspective (and in this case, consciousness) from within the universe is equivalent to graphing the Fibonacci sequence over the Phi ratio. The Phi ratio I don’t understand as much, but the Fibonacci I understand a little better and that’s what is important here anyway. If you think about the Fibonacci graph as a beginning conscious perspective, eventually it looks like it is coming to a “point” in which it essentially disappears from view (think of an inward spiral). Laying this graph over the phi ratio is supposed to represent the Fibonacci trying to approximate the phi ratio with ever increasing accuracy without ever approaching it (think limits). Eventually the Fibonacci reaches a point, from our perspective, that we can’t distinguish it from the phi ratio, but it isn’t the phi ratio. It’s just a point, from your perspective.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]I don’t know how accurate my interpretation of this concept was and I don’t really care. It’s the aesthetic appeal that I am adhering to. I’m just trying to express a visual representation of a point (whether it be a point to it all, or a literal point).
    [FONT=&quot]In reality, things are the way they seem because of our perspective, but also in reality, things are the way they are, and perspective is one of those things.[/FONT]
  2. I always feel like we're going in circles, it drives me fucking mad. But really we're like the Torus in a way, venturing out but eventually returning back to the point of origin just to create more energy. It's a crazy concept.
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    It makes me mad too, this going circles. I guess my point is that I've already made my point, that there is no point. You get my point?

    If you go to your point (on the Fibonacci), then you will be looking at the exact same landscape as before, which is more spiral drawing towards a perceived point, and relatively speaking, you are no closer to approximating the phi ratio.
  4. exactly, theres no point, we're all just pulsating energy particles floating around in a sea of endless energy particles, forever expanding. fuck I love the universe:smoking:
  5. :smoke:I'm so high and that was so true . holy shit
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    But A AnoesisOrange, doesn't the fact that you made this thread make it a paradox? Oh yes it does. Then why make it? So it will accomplish my point. But if there is no point, then how will it accomplish your point? It won't.

    You see what I'm doing here? I believe in the evolution of ideas, I am just flooded with rehashings and therefore cannot see enough of the light to make me happy about it.

    Don't you see I am mocking most all of you? Choke these infants here before you, what are they but your reflection? That is a good point. Who are you to judge or strike them down? An even better point, I guess I am just a hypocrite lol.

    "Welcome to You're Wrong Night"
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    Ride your emotions into the abyss. Let them shine. You do not have to be afraid for the beauty of it is no one cares unless it appeals to them.

    Don't be scared of your emotions. lol Imma keep talkin' to myself...
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    You should make it into a flow chart....lullz
  9. lol @ hairy penis.....shooting out the juice that makes the world go around...maybe thats the only point that needs to be made

    *on your edit..haha
  10. As requested.

    In the end, we just get covered in giz...

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  11. Good...should be more circular for added meaning..lol. ;)
  12. Well it's funny you should say that because I was caught up in giving a shit when I made this thread but then I remembered that everything is just a big penis gizzing on everything so I stopped caring.
  13. lmao I love this thread, or do i?!:eek: oooh its a paradox:p:D:smoke:

  14. lol see how we are evolving ideas here, everybody?

  15. a joke ... :rolleyes:

    Dont take shit so seriously and you wouldnt be caught up in trying to make a point that is saying that no point can be made...at least to yourself
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    When I said, "ride your emotions" I meant it to refer to my op. I said that because the enitre purpose of my creating this username (and essentially what my user name means to me) is to afford me a guilt free trip to express my emotions as they are when I feel them. This is a sort of therapeutic metric for counteracting my social ineptitude because when I lose myself in my emotions, it affords me panache, and to continue with our theme here, it at least allows me an outlet for release lol. It's not like I take this seriously (I am a firm believer that I am the last person that should be taken seriously) or anything. I'm just riding the wave with as minimal intentionality as possible. I think I was trying to say that I didn't have a point but I wasn't really listening.

    And as far as the joke, I was laughing with you lol

    Most of the time anything I throw up there is gonna be a miss. I don't give a shit though, I'm shootin hoops like it's my job. What's the worst that can happen? People over the internet won't like me?
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    Why try to suppress anoesis for societies sake when it's therapy for myself?

    I just want to ride the spiral
    Not Knowing where I'm going
    Don't particularly care, anyway
    It's good enough knowing that I can.

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