A guide on when to harvest.

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  1. This should be a sticky.
  2. [​IMG]

    You can use any unsulfured molasses. As for the person who said it hurt her plants..... IDK what to tell you there. I followed Samson32's advice and my buds are infuckingcredibly frosty.

  3. since i can hardly share my excitement with anyone in real life since we're not "supposed" to :rolleyes:
    im about to motherfacken harvest and im excited!!! :hello::hello::hello::hello: lol

  4. lol I'm not "Suppose" to visit and help you out right?!:p
  5. What advice i missed it :-(
  6. during flowering stage, she suggested I mix 1 tablespoon of unsulfured molasses per 5 gallons of water (along with regular nute schedule such as tiger bloom).

  7. lmaoo anyone thats not a fed is a friend of mine so bring the bong :smoke::smoke:

  8. Hahahaha sounds good brother! :smoking:
  9. Fuck the feds. I'm growing for my fiance who has pancreatic cancer, if they ever fucked with me for that, I'd get out the 50 cal.
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  10. Just don't sell and don't mention you grow to those around you.. Dispose of things safely.. It is little mistakes that get small growers caught.. Don't break one law if you are going to break another..

    Fed's don't bother me because it'd cost more prosecuting me than they'd get from my little grow.. Not really worth it when there are a lot of big boys out there growing for the wrong reason and just looking for profit.. :smoke:

    I'm more worried about the local popo :eek:
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  11. Two of my best friends are popo and they both think MJ laws are fucking stupid. They both will never bust someone for MJ unless there are guns, domestic, driving while intox, burglary etc involved just because they want to pin shit on em for the bad shit. Never for just MJ alone.

    In fact when Stacey first was diagnosed I called one of them to get connected to some. He brought a friend over and we did the exchange :)
  12. I'm with this program for sure. I read something else on here saying the best buzz was clear/cloudy phase but that shit just makes my heart race like a mofo. I prefer amber trikes and couch lock. I can still function with a buzz like that and not feel like i'm going to have a heart attack.
  13. Yep, I'm the exact same way bro. I get paranoid and say stupid shit on clear/cloudy. My fiance tells me she hates it when I smoke that shit. But on amber, I'm cool and the gang, just relaxing, giggling and happy.

    My theory is people who are already high strung (anxiety etc.) don't do well with clear/cloudy sativas and do best with amber indicas. That's how I work anyway :)
  14. Thanks drhell,
    I've never heard your theory before but it makes complete sense to me. I have had the same experience.

    I have also noticed that some of the trichs turn from cloudy to amber after the harvest. I would guess about 10-20%. This seems to happen especially when I use a sweetener like molasses or agave nectar.
  15. Ya, and I wanted to add a little something to this post as I have a grow that's just on the cusp of harvest. The OP has an amazing point and this shit needs to be stickied ASAP. What I wanted to add though I think is important. If you're growing with your buds are varying heights the buds will mature at different levels. You need to take trichome samples from multiple buds (never just one).

    For example:

    I JUST took every sample you see here from the same plant but from varying heights on each bud and from multiple buds. For comparison lets start with a bud that's bigger than my hand (yeah for me).


    Tip o the spear as we said in spec ops :)

    I see clear and one amber...

    Middle of main bud

    Oh what do we have here? Majorly amber...top of lower bud (same plant)


    Another bud (this one much smaller than the hand bud (I like to call her that).


    Here we have cloudy, amber and clear all on the same damned bud leaf!!!

    And finally the same bud top middle of the bud


    So ladies and gentleman, please don't harvest based on one sample. take multiple samples and wait for those pistils to recede as well.

    I'm going on vacation. When I come back, its choppin time. (I think).
  16. Great info! I am about to harvest in 2,3 weeks.
  17. and i repeat. fuck. the. feds. (most of em anyways) :D
  18. how is this not a sticky?

  19. Seriously, this thread has invigorated me. It shows forward thought on harvesting and frankly, is damn inspiring. Sticky this shit!!!!

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