A guide on when to harvest.

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  1. dude she looks done to me but then again i grow indoors so i get less foilage:eek: so id say pick off them big and dying fan leaves then look again;)
  2. Well as you guys can see the tips of the heads don't even really have red hairs anymore (especially compared to a week or two ago), the lower parts still do.

    I just read here that 90% of people harvest too early, so I thought waiting would be good :/

    more advice would be greatly appreciated as I am up shit creek!
  3. very happy i found this but i do think there is much to say, not that im a professional or anything but i mean im in 9 weeks of flowering and my trichomes look 50% cloudy and like 45% amber and like 5% of not sure (clear looking) but my whole grow was done with CFL's (great looking buds if i must pat myself on the back) but they are creating new pistils and there are quite some pistils "sticking" out still, and in my honest opinion you cannot generalize that ALL buds will all look tight and compressed if we're not using the same lighting. Might be dumb of me but i always thought curing and drying for a good while would take care of the pistils retracting and solidifying the buds more? or maybe im just a bit upset that i waited 9 weeks and this shit is telling me to wait even more lol anywho id like to hear your opinions

  4. Hey man, not to be rude or anything but this doesn't really belong here if you maybe move it to the area where you can ask questions about plant problems maybe you'll get answers? just saying. good luck :smoke:

  5. Sativas are notorious for almost seeming finished and then sprouting a fresh new set of white hairs.. Also cfls add two to three weeks from whatever the recommended harvest for the strain under hid would be..

    It took my first cfl girls 14-16 weeks to finish up.. It all depends on the strain.. The end result is still the same though.. The pistils should be receeded back into the bud.. :smoke:

    They might not be as compact or big as those grown under other lighting, but they still follow the same growth pattern..

    Once you harvest and cut off the buds energy supply those hairs won't go down they will just shrivel up..

    If you are still seeing pistils after they were about to go away.. I'd say you are dealing with a sativa and might be in for another few weeks.. Remember the last two weeks the buds will double in size..:hello:


  6. Wow im glad i didn't chop her tonight and came on here to check first lol

    i really planned this grow to fall right before 4/20 and have at least a good 3 weeks of curring but i guess ill cut down on that and just let my girl go for another 2 weeks i just wished i didn't stop feeding her like 2 weeks ago but whatever. Thanks for the info tho seriously you really cleared alot of confusion and yea im pretty sure its a sativa strain too and the buds do seem to be doubling like you said :smoke:
    i guess i'll just have to keep starring at her for the next few weeks i was gonna miss her anyways lol thanks again :) :smoke::smoke:
  7. No problem.. If you still want to suppliment some nutes in your feeding you can always use blackstrap mollasses.. If you haven't heard of it then it is at your local grocery store near the pancake syrups.. I think its granny's unsulfered blackstrape mollasses..

    Just make sure it is unsulfured.. It can be used every other watering at 1-2 tablespoons per gallon.. Really plumps your buds..
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  8. I'm terrible at making judgements like that.. In my sig though there is a link named no time for a journal.. Feel free to post your question up there.. I'm beating you'll get a few more responses since this is mainly set as a guide..:wave:


  9. Yea i had picked it up a while ago and started using around at 5 weeks and my fan leaves and bud leaves were turning black and i was told that since i used synthetic fertilizers i most likely killed the microbes in my soil so the molasses was building up so i kinda stopped using it from that point on. Idk if i should take the chance to reintroduce it since there wouldn't be any microbes in my soil
  10. Good call.. If your soil is lacking it would probably hurt ya more than help ya..:smoke:
  11. True this is my first time around and im pretty happy with the outcome and still learning. thanks for helping a noob out tho lol really appreciate it :smoke::smoke:
  12. Why isn't this stickied and where did the pictures go?
  13. So I want to the grocery store to pick up the blackstrap unsulphured molasses and this is what they had. Is this the right stuff or does it have to be "blackstrap?

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  14. Blackstrap is a specific brand however I think any all natural dark molasses like that should work.
  15. That's the kind I use.. :hello:
  16. Blackstrap is not a specific brand of molasses. CFLs do not add 2-3 weeks to a strain's flowering time. "Synthetic" fertilizers do not kill soil microbes.
  17. this is amazing man, i don't have a huge mag glass and won't have one for my first grow and this is my answer to another method of knowing when to pull my ladies:hello:!! thanks man:)
  18. Based on my personal experience, when i introduced the molasses and was still using nutes there were obvious problems and once i stopped using the molasses the problems were gone, so putting 2 and 2 together obviously the molasses was the issue. So i went and researched a bit and asked seasoned growers and the microbes being dead in my soil seemed to be something that kept being repeated so i stuck with that and my girl is doing amazing now. If you have different information i'll be willing to listen and who knows you might actually help me in these final weeks
    and what do you mean CFLs don't add more weeks? i'm pretty sure its a known fact they do...

  19. ahaha, Let's not get all scientific here
  20. Everything is science, it's whether or not we choose to be the observer or not that makes the science relevant. I think he meant that he scoffs at science, and was saying growing is a religion. I agree with that philosophy, at least from my personal scientific observation.

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