A guide on when to harvest.

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  1. PS I would give it about two more weeks. Would you agree? My 45x magnifier is ok but I think I need 60x to be sure if the trichomes are milky :)
  2. So amnesia haze I had just used for experimenting, best picture I can get at the moment but how long would you say I'd left as a guess?

    20190415_230443.jpg 1555368635313.jpg

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  3. Thanks for the advice. I'm 6 weeks and 3 days into flower. After having them in veg for too long and that meant they grew too tall and caused me all kinds of problems and it definitely cost me some of my yield. I'm putting all this down to experience tho and have learnt my lesson for next time.
    I'm currently just waiting for my buds to fatten up and change colour, or at least that's what I'm waiting for, but now I'm thinking I will wait maybe a week extra to see if I can spot what's being described here. But I can't get any of the pics from this thread, so I'm not sure what I'm looking for when you say that the "seed tracts" fatten, or the tricholors not only turn amber but also fatten.
    As a rough guide I was aiming for 8/9 week in flower, 10 days flushing and then it's Christmas. But I'm not sure now. So any advice on when to harvest is very welcome.
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  4. So I'm in a bit of an odd predicament. This is my first time growing. The seed was from an unknown bag given to me by a friend. one of the other plants was a male and I guess it pollinated this female as she has developed what appears like fully matured seeds. I'm day 80 into flower and the trichs still seem to be mostly clear/cloudy. As you can see I've made a lot of mistakes and am afraid the dying leaves will lead to mould before the trichs turn amber. Any advice? Should I harvest now and be grateful with what I get? or take a chance and possibly lose it due to mould.

    If it matters in the decision, I have one younger plant in flower that looks and smells phenomenal. I've learned a ton from my mistakes and am grateful for the experience, but I would love the opportunity to practice harvesting before I cut down the healthier one which still has a few weeks to go. 67808134_2111484959154624_7071024527370616832_n.jpg
  5. Harvest nowww before bud rot

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  6. Sorry for the late reply but thank you for the advice! Curing and no signs of rot or mould! :)
  7. I read the original post with interest, but cannot see the images. Are they still online anywhere?
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  8. I done the same. This is a great thread
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    Ready for harvest?

    I can't figure out how to delete this post, but I moved my question over here. :D
  10. I started to just feed water today for the next 10 days, hope I haven’t gone too early

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  11. I have a question for you. This is only my second grow ever. I am growing Afghan Kush and it’s been in the flower stage for going on 12 weeks... The buds are big and dense. The main cola is almost the size of a full paper towel roll. It’s huge. Some of the main branches are beginning to collapse under the weight of the buds. But it still doesn’t appear to be ready????
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  12. I’m not sure on that plant but I had some sativas that flowered for 4 months.
  13. Wow 4 months... Guess I will keep going until the buds starts to get a brownish orange tint to them. I already switched to straight water thinking it was almost done
  14. Keep an eye on the trics as well. Mine was a long wait but worth it.
  15. I have been checking them with a magnifying glass. They are still clear.
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  16. I find it neat that I can look at a piece of sugar leaf on my plant, and according to all the trichomes, it could be almost ready to pull, yet the plant is only 5 weeks into flower, and is nowhere close to even be thinking about pulling.

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  17. Am just curious,what kind of magnifier did you use to capture this image

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