A guide on when to harvest.

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  1. Nice, I'll try that.
  2. I just wash my hands really good first, then rub my fingers together till the resin makes little balls which I dump directly on top of the nearest loaded bowl.
  3. Yea, I'm gonna bump this due to a vid I saw yesterday. The vid was JC describing how and what criteria they used to judge the Cannabis Medical Cup winners this year. JC was going on about taste, color, fragrance, etc, and then he looked at one of the winners thru his microscope and said he wasn't so sure about the % of amber trichs method of telling when a harvest is due anymore because the strain he was looking at was packed with CLEAR trichs....Hearing this made me think if JC has doubts about it, I should too. This may be a more sensible way to tell.....love to hear comments on this subject!!!!!!
  4. got a link to that vid?

    Also, great post, cheers :)
  5. Yes, ask and receive!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCqUHiJDv84&feature=related]YouTube - Jorge Cervantes: High Times Medical Cup - Indica[/ame]

    He's got as much gray hair as I do now....LOL!
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  7. Thanks, really good stuff here. Video was awesome too. :smoke::smoke:
  8. Great info thank you for posting it here :D
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    I decided to follow this guide instead if going strictly by trichromes. I'm kinda unhappy with my last harvest and thing I did it too early, even though it was waaaaaay past it's 14 weeks. I think CFL's do funky things and extend the plants bloom period. Under and HPS now, although my WW has only been under it 2 weeks.

    My very top bud looks ready, just like in this guide. The thricromes looked good awhile ago. Leaves are starting to doe, but even near that top bud I can see daily swelling in the buds around it.

    Also, besides the top bud (WW) the rest of the plant isn't ready. Just chop the main bud? Wait? I totally see what it means by the hairs being sucked in, te top bud has done this. Last time I harvested I still had some white hairs here and there, and they hadn't receedid in. Trichromes looked good, and it had been in flower for over 5 months, maybe 6. Arjun's ultra haze #1. 80% sativa. Bitches got 6 feet tall and only stopped growing because I couldn't raise the lIght anymore.
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  11. what i enjoyed was he's basically described what will happen to your plant in the last 3-4 weeks of the plants lifecycle. ive read through ALOT of journals, ALOT of guides, misc info from all over the net. i have seen very few of these that mention anything about the pistils other then when they emerge (preflowers-flowers). and if you think about what he described makes sense. when you get bud, be it reggy to cup winnners. 90% of what you see on the finished product are calyx's and bud leaves. granted you can see the pistils but they look nothing like they do on a plant half way through flowering.. +rep to samson and the OP.
  12. seriously. This is forward, new thought. I felt chains breaking off my mind reading it. Well done!:hello:
  13. :D Everyone join in and help me keep it alive.. I vote this eventually needs to become a sticky..:D
  14. Good thread! I agree Sticky it up for n00bs!
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  15. Sammy brought me here at the perfect time as I'm about 6 weeks into flowering.
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  17. excelent thread. A+:hello:
  18. Yep, awesome guide and I was just thinking this today. I think it's pretty dumb for all these guides to focus so much on the trichomes when what your dealing with is a plant with which flowers and has a life cycle. Based on that it would seem obvious that you need to watch the whole plant and wait for the "fruit" to be "ripe".
  19. Completely agree with you there..:hello:
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    hi there

    Firstly, this thread is fantastic - thanks for the well explained and knowledgeable write-up!

    My now outdoor plant is ready for harvest, perhaps a little over-ripe. general plant degradation has increased largely over the past week - HOWEVER, in the week leading up to when I was going to begin flushing, I over nuted, had to flush, and then the plant was up shit creek. It's still messed up, but has improved, and I know towards the end of the plants life the leaves etc. degrade.

    Below are some photos - you can make out calyx's etc. what's concerning is that the pistils on the tips seem to have receded a lot (almost to nothingness??), yet the buds don't seem to have filled in much, especially past an inch down the stems (as you can see). AND lower down, pistils haven't receded much / still flare out.


    does the plant want to flower more and recover from all the shock? are newer pistils are yet to emerge from those heads? or have I missed harvest time? something else?

    What should I do? :(
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