A guide on when to harvest.

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  1. Thanks boss. Solid info
  2. Can you make a "drying" guide... I don't know when they'll be dry enough, but not too dry..
  3. is there any way to speed up the pistils retracting into the calyx' faster...
  4. I accidently snapped a branch on my white widow when I was only 6 1/2 wks into 12/12. I knew that I could PROBABLY support it and it would survive, but I figured What the Hell? It looks good, smells good, and tastes good. I dried in a dark closet for 5 days and cured in a mason jar for another 5 days, burping daily. I just smoked my first bowl and I feel like patting myself on the back. Not trying to sound like a dick or anything, but I'm pretty stoned right now. So stoned, that I'm harvesting the rest today.:hello::D:smoke:
  5. hang it upside down and wait until the stem just snaps. usually takes about a week
  6. I hope you didnt chop that early. It may get you high, but 6 1/2 weeks is early even for the quickest flowering indicas. You probably also cut your total harvest in half, maybe even more.
  7. Nope!;) No early choppimg. Actually I just finished harvesting and I'm super excited for them to dry and cure!:D
  8. Thank you for posting this up
    I was only going to watch my grow and eye when I felt it was ready
    The trichomes turning to a milky white thing is a difficult thing to notice unless you can take your grow out and have a 50x magnifier
    I use a 30x and it still isn't good enough
    They look cloudy white to me but the buds do not agree
    I will definitely watch the hairs more closely than the trichomes
  9. excellent! i have been wondering about this forever! The guide does say the flavor gets better with more time, which is great to know - I wonder tho, will that extra time translate into having mostly amber trichs? I ask only because I've heard that amber trichs give you a deeper, couch lock stone - great for the AMS Medijuana indica strain im going for, but I wanted to keep my AMS Australian Blue sativa strain's trichs cloudy cuz i heard that causes more of an "up" high. So i guess I'm asking does the color of the trichs actually affect the type of buzz...aka high vs stoned. Thanks! and + rep for a sic post
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  10. I am so glad I found this. Saw my first amber trich today on day 39 since 12/12 and started to panic. I have 2 bag seed plants that veged on floros and switched to a 600 w digital w/dual arch MH /HPS bulb. If anyone can walk me through how to post a pic I have some. Thanks so much.
  11. one of my plants is just about finished i think.. its a mostly sativa strain. believed to be a hyrbid. been growing since mid april.. its been going 12 weeks flowering now. most of the hairs turned red and are not standing straight up anymore.. checked some trichs last night on some top buds.. probally little over 50/50 amber/ milky.. havent given it nutes in about 10 days.. been flushing with distilled water and mollasses for a couple days. plus some rain weve had.. its been pretty nice out this past week.. we had alittle rain today but just mostly cloudy out.. would you say its alright to harvest some select branches tonight? ive read that mostly sativa plants your really not suppose to let them get alot of amber. will this hurt the potency at all? i was looking for a couchlock high anyway.. what you guys think
  12. Not to be a smartass but if you're looking for a couchlock type of high you should probably be growing an Indica strain rather than a Sativa strain. However if that's all that's available then do what you have to. Good luck with your harvest:smoke:
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    What if your seed bracts are swelling up already but you've still got new white pistils coming out in some places?
  14. ^^^

    exactly. i have done this twice now and have had new pistils coming out up until harvest both times. i'm trying to wait on the pistils to go in and buds to fatten up a little more, but i've got lots of amber on the top of the main colas. much less amber down low, but mostly milky there. yet my buds don't look done. week 9 of nirvana northern lights
  15. A question for anyone, what is the best way to remove resin from your fingers during the trimming process that you want to keep for a hash ball.Also what would be the easiest way to make hash out of the entire bud crop off a plant. Thanks for any help , this is a great site but to much to look through to find the answer to my question.
  16. When I trim I usually wear latex gloves and I use the side of a toothpick to kinda scrape em off best I can and don't really worry about the little bit left on em. If you want you could probably extract what's left with a little alcohol.
    The best way to find info quick here at the City is to use the search feature, it's real simple to use. There's a little search button near the top of the page in each forum lobby. Click on it and you're on your way. I use it all the time and can find an answer usually within minutes if not seconds.

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  17. I have read that putting the gloves in the freezer after trimming makes it easy to get the resin off.
  18. Great post!

  19. I assume whatever sticks to your hands while handing the plant is just like finger hash or charas, which is how probably all imported hash from the himalayas is made. Even though people don't wear gloves while making the hash ( well, that's what commercialization does. If its not meant for their own consumption, then who cares what else went into stuff), after they are finished rubbing the buds, they just rub both hands together over a large piece of cloth.

    By doing this, everything that's gathered from the plants on the hands, being sticky as it is, sticks together to form larger pieces and then fall onto the cloth. Just sorta fold the cloth together to make a sort of inverted cone of it, and everything collects at on place. But for doing this, i think there has to be a sufficient quantity of the stuff sticking to your hands to make atleast a gram or 2.

    Also, since rubbing the hands together produces heat and friction, which both bursts open any remaining trichomes, and the heat sort of decarbonize's it a bit. Its usually cured for 3 months before its smoked, but you can smoke it right away or after drying for a couple of hours (since charas is rubbed from a live plant itself, without cutting or uprooting it, there's always a small amount of water that gets into the hash), just that its going to smoke a lot harsher.

    The easiest way to make hash from a large amount of weed is probably any of the mechanized processes including the BubbleNow washing machines and the Tumblers for making Bubble hash & kief respectively.

    If you're talking about non-mechanized processes, than again i think its Bubble Bag hash and silk screen kief.

    There is also one so-called Russian way of making commercial hash, where they just dump all the weed together into a pot of boiling water and cook it for some time, but you can probably already guess all you'll ever get from this sorta technique will only be shit, so its not even worth mentioning here.
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  20. you need to resize your pictures. Open them in micro picture manager and resize to forum specs. You should have no problems after that

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