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A Guide: How to get rid of that pot smell.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Ok, so when I was living with the rents, I would only smoke out with friends because I knew the smell would linger in my room. I once asked if I smelt funny and claimed that I had been drinking and just wondered (I had actually just smoked out with a friend). They claimed they had had no idea that I was drunk and couldn't smell anything out of the ordinary on me! I was amazed and wondered why this was. I never found out, but since I started smoking regularly a year ago, I devised various tests to see if my roomie's could tell if i was high. It always lead back to how well I concealed my body odour, which sometimes wreaked of pot, and other times not. So I investigated into a test and have come up with the following conclusions, hope it helps you out.

    1. Smoking indoors will definately be the most prominent factor in lingering smells. If you smoke indoors, concealing the lingering odour is not impossible, but definately more difficult, for best results, smoke outdoors and do not hotbox. If you must smoke indoors, vent as much as possible, use odour control devices (as mentioned below) and use a sploof (container or tube with a tightly packed bundle of fabric softener sheets which is breathed through after taking a hit to dilute the cannabis smell with the odour of the fabric softener).

    2. Ganja smoke will always leave a lingering smell in the area it was smoked for at least ten minutes, two to 20 hours if done entirely indoors, this time depends on strain, odour control devices, and general ventilation. Use a form of odour control, even brewing coffee or leaving vinegar out can be of benefit. Blow smoke out of windows while smoking if possible. Incense is very effective, depending on how much was smoked, how much incense is used, and how strong the smell of the incense is.

    3. Alot of that cannabis smoke that you are breathing out attaches to your clothing, skin, and hair, which is why you will smell like pot afterwards. To destroy the smell entirely, do the following:

    a. After smoking, go into the bathroom. Swig back some mouthwash or brush your teeth, or both, listorene mouthwash and minty toothpastes are very effective. Spit it out and wash out your mouth with water. Use chloroseptic on your throat (three sprays maximum needed).

    b. Take a shower. Wash body with soap, wash hair with strong smelling shampoo (denorex recommended, has extremely minty smell) and a strong smelling conditioner (conditioner is optional). Get out of shower and dry thoroughly.

    c. Use deoderant. Shave, if necessary. Use aftershave cologne (I prefer musk as it smells strong). Use additional face washes if desired.

    d. Use eyedrops. Though not necessarily a smell problem, eyes are a dead giveaway if red or if pupils are somewhat overly dialated, though this problem varies from stoner to stoner and also how high one is.

    e. Change into fresh clothes and drink as much water and eat as much food as you prefer. Spicy foods will further mask your breath, but the mouthwash should do the trick. Smoking, drinking coffee/tea will also aid in decreasing smell.

    4. Finally, I want to make special mention that smoking out of a water pipe, especially one with lots of water and/or ice lowers the time period for which odour lingers a good deal when compared with a joint or even a spoon or other waterless smoking device. Smoking out of a water pipe with hot water, on the other hand, causes the smell to be quite strong when first exhaled, mind you, as hot water tends to evaporate a great deal of ganja's odour molecules I believe.

    Other than that, all I can suggest is to not handle any cannabis after this and to wash your hands, hair, mouth, and clothes thoroughly as these are the most probable areas for odour accumulation.

    Hope this helps somebody out there, good luck.

    EDIT: By the by, thicker clothing obviously has the potential to accumulate more odour and if a change of clothes is not possible, wearing a thick sweater or sweatshirt while smoking ganja is not recommended if you want to keep a low profile.
  2. idk if its justs me, but ive been smoking daily for about a year and a half now and the only thing i use is visine, usually a drive with my friends cures any smell, and when asked just say your friends smoked cigarettes.

    Thanks anyway
  3. Visine is a must for me. I always get extremly red eyes no matter how much I smoke and I smoke several times daily. Smell isnt anything I worry bout though, no one really notices
  4. Omg you really don`t have to go through all of this. Just wash your face and brush your teeth after smoking, that should do it
  5. yeah i pretty much do all of the above when i plan on leaving the house...
  6. I don't think I would be stoned anymore after all of that...
  7. I find that if you just put a fan facing out a window and just blow your hits through the fan, you won't have any real problems with lingering smells. Added bonus if you use a sploof.

    As far as appearance goes I find if I just simply change my shirt and throw on some fresh deodorant I'm usually pretty good. Also my eyes don't ever really get red so I guess I don't have to worry about that. :D The only time I use visine is if my contacts dry out from the smoke..:mad:
  8. Way too much thought put into a simple thing.
  9. ive got it down to a science pretty well....i can smoke in my room without it smelling barely at all....

    on top of what you said heres what i do..

    i use a fan that will completely blow everything out the of those double fan that spans the whole window....

    i use the sploof obviously

    i pack only enough for one hit so that i suck all the ash and shit down into my bubbler so that no bowl smoke comes out when im done with the hit...i also spray febreeze after i just took the hit...

    that should be allright for making it not smell at all...then i proceed to doing all the other stuff like visine and changing all of which is mostly common sense.
  10. lol chill out. your to paranoid your pot head.

    i love baking the room the car the world.

    i smoked outta a earth bong today yep my biggest peice yet the EARTH!!!!
  11. I'm well aware that the abovesaid information I presented is somewhat excessive, but extremely beneficial if one is absolutely determined to not leave a trace, which is worth one's time to explore, I feel.
  12. I agree with everything but you didn't really go into anything special. You just elaborated on the basics.

    Thanks though, bud. Very good for a newbie.
  13. Lmao, you did all this after you smoked? I dont have that much time in the day to smoke then take a shower. I usually smoke a bowl..and thats it
  14. well I think that its best to do some combination of a few of those things. The method that I use has never failed me.

    I always smoke in my bathroom, put a towel under the door, and turn on the ventilation fan. I then proceed to smoke, capping the bowl after each hit and using a sploof. When I'm done I brush my teeth, wash my face, and spray a tiny bit of Ozium. If you have never used Ozium before you have to get it, the smell is literally gone in 30 minutes. Ozium is the shitte
  15. I only do this if I'm going to see people that I know aren't cool with smoking. I don't see these people often, mind, but I do see them enough to have developed a routine if I want to be stoned while out with them, etc.

    And yes, I just elaborated on the basics, I know that.
  16. i tried a sploof once or twice when i first started smoking in my room. it had the opposite effect. the entire room reeked of fresh laundry. which is not what i wanted. my mom walked inthere like a long time after i smoked and was like, why does it smell like laundry in here. i was like, i dunno. pretty bad excuse, but the point is, sploofs dont get rid of the odors, they just mask it with something even stronger. only mo though.
  17. i would of been high, came down, and been sober before i did all that..and if you do all that everytime you
  18. If only bother to go through some of that if Im like going to class or something. Normally I take a shower brush teeth and thats good, drops if my eyes need them, simple cause of the rents.
  19. continued...

    5. Realize that this has taken you 3 hours, so you have to go back and smoke some more.
    6. Clean up the same as steps 1-4 and then realize it is 3 am.
    7. Go to bed.
  20. Well I'm still stuck at home for a few months and even though my parents kinda know about my marijuana habit now, when I was younger I'd blaze every night in my room and jst leave the window slightly open and the smell would be gone by the morning.

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