A grumble about a girl (it's not really important but I gotta vent)

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. OK so there stands mr switch last night, slightly drunk, talking to a girl telling her how he really digs her like mad. After a while he goes to kiss her. WAHEY- she returns the favour and seems to kinda like it. She says, however, "you're just drunk." I reply "Well if I call you in the morning would you like to go out for a drink some time with me." So she gives me her number. "SCORE," I think. Happy as fuck, the next morning I stumble out of my friend's house looking forward to calling said girl. My head hurts like crazy, I feel like I am gonna spew and I have to drive more than 40 miles home. Yet for some reason I can't stop smiling. Yeah. Everything's going right.

    So I get in touch with her later. Well here's how things went:

    "ok I'm gonna say this in as blunt a way possible: was drunk but that's not why I acted the way I did- not in any way and I was wondering: do you wanna go for a drink sometime?"

    "this is gona sound bad but im kinda seeing someone...kinda...so i duno nethin else could happen if u get me"

    The next thing that could be heard is a loud smacking sound as the palm of my hand hits my forehead.

    Fuck. Part of me says: Shit man, that's life. Part of me says: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW FUCK!

    So I think I am just gonna sit here and brood for a while. I usually just sit and think for hours but I think this is gonna be where I sit and brood for a hullavuh long time. In closing: BAH!
  2. brood my friend. brood.

    damn girls. its never just simple and easy is it. always has to be that one twist in the end that makes your heart shoot right out your ass. oh well. thats life.
  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean...and yeh..it sux.
  4. a term to help all guys with any and all girl problems. just say it once, yell it, whatever,
    "Fucken Bitches"
    dont change or correct the spelling, thats how its meant to be man. fucken bitches bro, brood away.
  5. fuck, that is a major kick in the proverbial nuts
  6. that sucks,
    But at least you go it out.
    if there one think i hate its being worked up over a girl and sitting there letting it stew.
  7. being a guy I can rationalise everything with the words "fuck it"




    "Fuck it."
  8. dude im know what you mean.

    but going cold turkey without the girl you want dosnt work.
    im pissed off that i even tried it.
  9. dude, thats nothing, it's not like you went far with her at all, or even really got to know her probably. Dont sweat it. i feel bad for the guy thats "seeing" her. You see how faithfull shes being, right?
  10. if she's already gone as far as kissing you.. chances are she'll probbly sleep with you too...... girls can be just as deceitful as us guys man.... i've been in this situation before.... trust me... don't let this get you down.... go out for a drink one night.... bring her back to your place.. toke up.... and see where it goes... after all

    she;s "KNDA" seeing someone.... shit, if anything she can say the same thing about you... she can tell another guy im "kinda" seeing 'switch' ... you dig?
  11. Take her out for a drink anyway...

  12. ^^ exactly!
  13. hmmmmm, she doesn't seem real honest. but u did just meet her. sry to hear aboot that switch. theres lotsa chicks out there for ya;)
  14. Sounds like you got bit by a real cold fish. =(
    There are plenty of cool girls out there, the hard part is finding one but you should be able to do it. After all, maryjane will bring us all closer together. =) heh.
  15. This is where all us guys can take comfort in the wise, wise words of Jay-Z.

    "I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one."

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