A growers worst nightmare.. My crop a total lose!

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  1. Hey everyone first time starting a thread here but i though I'd share my FML for today!

    So I went to my crop 15 plants all females 3ft-5ft tall all varies strains.
    And as I got there this is what I saw :(
    ( see photos, doing this from my iPhone so they might be down here somewhere )

    Some animals ( racoon I beleave had to be Something tough)
    Dig 2 ft under my 5ft barbed chicken wire fence, and dig up 13 out of 15 plants, and literally tilled up my garden bed!
    It ripped plants a part there where peices of stems and roots everywhere!

    I managed to save 2 plants 1 of my biggest and one good sized ones, that where in rough shape.
    I've been battling animals all year there but this was the worst, I almost cried!

    I figure it was a 500-600$ lose!

    Soo I'm starting again with 15 feminized autos pandora seeds which SHOULD finish in time

    I'm Also going to be starting a guide to prevent animals from ruining your crop ( I like to think I have experience lol)

    Btw I had
    - double layered 5ft high barb chick wire fence
    - tent pegs on the base
    - fishing line over the top
    - urine
    - tomato cages
    - and soap bars
    I after I finished sobbing a had a good laugh there was nothing I could do except laugh at this fuck up lol

    I hope the photos uploaded!
    Leave stories and comments guys

    Thanks for stoppin by

    Mr. Duke

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  2. dang bro thats gotta hurt i hope ur surviving girls give u some good bud fucking animals man. thats pretty trippy i wonder if they ripped em up cuz u had a fence and they were show u its their turf.
  3. Senor Duke,
    My deepest condolences, I am so sorry for your loss.
    Breaks my heart...
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    Yeah I've declared war lol
    Just picked up some traps from a buddy, and a few other things that will be lethal towards them, you ruin my crop all ruin your life.
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    Thank you for sharing your respects my man.
  6. What the hell! Those motherfk'ing little bastards. If those little shits had a brain, they would have stopped after one or two plants, but no. They just keep doing what they do.

    I had the same problem earlier in the year. I had six plants in the ground all growing really fine back in May. Then one day I go out to my plot to take pictures and check on my girls, and bam, it hits me like a punch to the stomach, my girls were raped by one or more raccoons! Every plant was jackrolled, dug up from the ground and tossed aside, like a wrapper from a tootsie roll. The little bastard raccoons didn't stop digging up my plants till I built some raccoon mats. I also put some hog wire around the plants I placed smart pots.

    If you place your plants in the ground, I think you gotta use the mats. I could see evidence that the little fucks were trying to dig up or around the mats, but the spiked down mats prevented any real damage. With my potted plants, the hog wire fencing encircling the pots and staked down with bamboo stakes seem to work.

    I was just thinking of removing the protective fencing since my plants were getting bigger, but your story makes me nervous about doing so. Sorry about your loss, I hope the autos work for you:wave:
  7. Mine got raided. Like torn up and thrown in a pile. Most around 4 foot. Only difference, I had 35 plants :mad: I don't know who did it or why... Quite a mystery but I'm pissed nonetheless.
  8. I've come back with vengeance !!!

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  9. Holy crap! Sorry to hear that.

    If they were placed them in a pile, it sounds like a human did it. Those little bastard raccoons are smart, but I don't think they would go to the trouble of piling up the plants in one spot.

    Probably not the cops, since they would have burned the plants. If you were planting on someone's property, it could have been the owner?
  10. Great, now I'm going to nightmares tonight. lol
  11. Not sure about coons. But I have has great luck with mouse traps around my outdoor grows. I buy about 100 traps. I set piles of twigs around my plants. I place the traps upside down on the twigs. Whwn any deer or critter steps on the twigs. Then snap snap the traps go off scaring the hell out of the animals.
  12. Sorry for this loss. I fucking hate Coons. I have a family of coons that come around my property every fucking night looking for shit to eat, tear up, and stuff to fuck with. My next step is to inject a hot dog with poison, using a syringe, with hopes that it will fuck those little dick heads up.
  13. Sorry to hear your ordeal, did you use bood or bone meal? They attract animals. They can be replaced by green ferts, chicken and horse manure (no digging)
    See Harry Balzonya's raccoon mat for stopping the digging. I just stopped using blood and bone meal altogether.
  14. Corto, I really respect your growing ability, and Harry's coon mats were my inspiration.

    What are you using to replace the blood and bone meal? Peace.
  15. thanks uncle benny,

    blood meal (high N) is replaced bu chicken shit (hot, leave at bottom) and/or alfalfa meal (high N)
    bone meal (high P) is replaced by various green ferts (soybean meal, cottonseed meal, which have high P) and bat guano (high P)
    I add Kelp too (10 pounds per plant)
    I add horse manure (10-20% total mix) no burn
    Also worm castings (same)

    I place the chicken shit at bottom as it burns, careful. I also place 3 or 4 cups of all purpose dry ferts towards bottom( has all nutes in it)

    I utop dress with castings and horse shit until Aug 20. Then I switch to top dressing with more bat guano.

    Just water with plain water

    All should be composted. You don't really need blood and bone meal that attract animals.
  16. Like the others said - I am very sorry for your loss.

    I have learned my lesson the hard way, like you, but mine was due to my own sheer stupidity by using Fish Emulsion as fertilizer during veg. Boy - does it work well outdoors - you simply cant beat it, but after I had fertilized with it, i came back and found my plants literally ripped out of the ground and dug up to hell - (you said rototilling- that is what it was like for me, too) - by the skunks or coons, or whatever it was trying to find the "fish", due to the smell of the fish emulsion.

    I didnt even have any kind of fencing up. Kudos to you for taking the time and effort to do so!

    Again - sorry bro. I understand your pain.

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    i am a hogtraper you got hogs dud lol . they will destroy a outdoor grow fast and like to wait for it to get ripe but the water and bat guanno make critters go crazzy this time of year . but that is hog dude . good luck on the out door grow once a hog eats weed he will hunt it down .that sucks .
  18. Hey I didn't use blood or bone meal this year the spot is my
    "honey hole" (<-- I think I stole that from you :D ) I've harvested numerous crops here before and the soil is very nice, I added a few bags of top soil, some per-lite, a little sand, some peatmose, some organic water crystals, a handfull of time release fertilizer and some compost.

    I think it might have been the compost that attracted them to it, but i'm not sure.
    I put some blood meal in the plot a few years ago but i would be long gone by now.
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    I wouldn't recommend it lol
    better safe than sorry the autos should do fine i hope, if this had have happened in 2 more weeks i don't think they would have finished in time, I guess the bright side is it happened when it did, it will still be tight to get them in before the weather turns.

    That sounds like it might work, but these little bastereds who determined! there's no way they go in with out getting cut up and scratched. I'm going to head out tonight and set some live traps as well as some mouse traps, if anything it will keep the rats and rabbits away.

    Yeah there tough little guys! I shot 2 of them, 1 younger and one mama a few years ago that had a nest in the tree by my spot, the big mama took 7 shots with the riffle and she was still kicking! The baby only took 2 but even still there tough as nails!

    Thanks man

    no hogs around here, just bears, skunk rabbits deer coyotes and coons.
    I've herd hogs are crazy little shits tho, not scared of anything?

    I got back from my "mentors" house today ( a 67 year old gorilla grower :D)
    and he said that the chick wire is good but it wont scare them off, they will sit there and try to find a way around it. He recommended a fine rope mesh ( hockey net mesh) as they will get tangled up in it and be scared off! He just said to make sure it's very secure or they will get tangled and rip it out. I bough some today and I'm going to put that on the outer side of the chick wire. I made 100 " tent pegs" at work today that are 1'1/2 deep so that should prevent them from going under!
    I bringin out more soap and urine to scare them off. These autos have got to finish nicely or no more pot for Mr.Duke and that would mean a long winter and long summer!! :(
    I'm also setting 2 live traps tonight and mouse traps. I went back again last night around 3 am with my riffle to see if I could get them but there was not sign. :(

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    Here is the link to Harry's raccoon mat.

    The hardware cloth that Harry recommends is very tough. As extra protection I cut off a few extra jagged edged pieces of the cloth and zipped tied them to the mat. So if the coon tried to walk or dig into any openings around the mat their little coon hands get torn up by the sharp metal.:eek:

    During my first plantings, I was using fishing line to protect the plants, along with liquid fence, and piss, but it did not stop the coons.

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