A Grower's Tale

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  1. Thanks. Shoto Kan, Jujitsu, Kenjutsu, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai. Crossed trained in a few others with like minded friends. I did regular old wrestling and boxing in my teen years as well.
  2. u should add a hard XXX core sex scene
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  3. Heh. There were a few of those but I think I may just leave them out.

    There WAS one particular time with 2 girls in Maui but...nah I'll leave that to y'all's imagination.
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    come on man
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  5. Maybe I'll write some extra chapters like a 'Director's Cut' or maybe an 'unrated' version someday :laughing:
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  6. PM it to me ;D
  7. Ha you wish.

    Next chapter coming soon.
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  8. A Grower's Tale
    Chapter 11 - Love and Marriage

    Rick found his way back to the Eastern U.S. He checked in with his parents; his mother had been worried sick as they had rarely heard from him. A few postcards from improbable places, a random phone call when possible.​

    Deciding it was time to settle down, Rick got an apartment, a job, and enrolled in some more college classes. He still liked to party perhaps a bit too much, which led to his hooking up with a girl who seemed to be a good idea at the time. Sexual, voluptuous, uninhibited, he met her when she sold him some LSD at work.​

    In retrospect it would have been a fun ride had he not decided impulsively to marry the girl. It didn't last more than a few years but it did lead to his daughter just a year after they married, so for that much he was forever thankful long after the marriage ended.​

    What's more germane to our tale though is the resumption of his growing. This time around he didn't go outdoors; he stayed inside. He also had decided already through his copious research that hydroponics would be the way to go for him from now on, at least indoors.​

    He bought a 1000 watt HPS and a veritable ton of rockwool. He bought nutrients and trays and the other assorted gear. Rick still had a variety of seeds that he'd hoarded and stashed over the years; Hindu Kush, Maui Wowie, Colombian Gold, Thai, and a precious precious few seeds of hybrids of his own from previous years.​

    Soon the buds were flowing again. For a time life was good. He had a gorgeous wife and a new child. He had his beloved plants again and even began to teach children's classes on the side at a local dojang.​

    Yes, life looked good for the young man. It was not long though before disaster struck.​

    ...to be continued.​
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  9. Really nice, good job.
  10. Thanks. Oooo this would be a suspenseful place to stop at for a day and make everyone wait to find out what disaster strikes :D
  11. Damn you! Haha as a writer I was thinking the same. Thought to myself he's going to make us linger on the disaster isn't he. Keep up the great work man. Your tale is quite an interesting one!

    P.s. thank you for enlarging my e-penis/ rep bar :D

  12. We will now have a brief Intermission while we enjoy one of 'Rick's' favorite songs from his High School years.

  13. Good intermission :D Reminds me of "I Love You Man"
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    In a few ways that song resembles some of Rick's travels during the year or so that was somewhat glossed over :D
  15. *Subscribed*

    Just read through it all and it's a great tale so far OSG...

    I can't wait to see where it takes you, it sounds like you've led a pretty crazy life, you should write and publish an autobiography in twenty odd years when things settle down =P
  16. damn! intermissiosn always suck!

    patiently waitign for tomorrow and the disaster!
  17. tell the newyork times, this is really well done
  18. How old is Rick at this point in the story?
  19. I'm pretty sure around the mid twenties. He talked of quitting college in his first year and going on his trips to maui and such, and then last told, he went back home to his parents. I'm guessin mid 20s
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