A Grower's Tale

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by oldskoolgrower, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. I am bumping this just because I want to. Newbies should read it.
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  2. It is a great read and helped to get me hooked on Grasscity.
    Oops, I guess it got bumped again.

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  3. was trying to find this not too long ago, cheers :D
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  4. Maybe it should be sticky since I'm not around much to bump it anymore :)
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  5. I think it deserves to be a sticky! :)
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  6. Thanks, Rummy :)
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  7. :) You're welcome.
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  8. Man, first day on this forum and I just read this life changing post. I wish I would have read this when it was originally posted. I would have been in my very early teens and probably not a miserable college student now
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  9. Yeah. It just makes you think about life in a longer time frame. One thing i really thought about after this is that it doesnt matter how much shit you go through, things get better.
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  10. Glad I could help.
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    Really enjoyed this piece! I love reading and hearing about peoples first experiences with marijuana. I'm new here but am excited to read more and get to know new people.
  12. Thanks for stopping by, lifeofamillennial :)
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  13. Good writing, oldskool....Maybe I'll meet a good ol' grower like you one day...heh.
  14. Thanks for sharing oldskool. It's a great read.
  15. p I also:roflmao:
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    Damn I remember reading this back when you where writing this...great story man I was 15 and was facsinated with growing...by the time I was 16 I was at it. I lived with my mom and she smoked too. Now I have a medical license and grow legally in Canada. Been studying it since then. You gave me some advice on QWISO before everyone was using butane I just forget the screen name now. Now I blast the butane into ISO throw it in the freezer for 48hrs and all the fats and waxes coagulate, filter and your left with some extremely pure stuff.
    Anyway thanks for sharing such a great story.
    Here's some pics of a Colorado cookies at day 48 from seed .
  17. I just returnes after a 4 year sabbatical and im glad this is still going around

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  18. Fermented cannabis alcohol?

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