A Grower's Tale

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by oldskoolgrower, Mar 21, 2009.

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     Nope.  There will be no 'rest'.

  2. well i mean there is, your just holding out on everyone. this is an original thread that i know everyone enjoyed. i understand the change that the city went through, its not 2009 anymore and the people are only getting more picky and ignorant toward others. i too stopped looking around the city, real life stories got bland and without this being there and updated it just hasnt ever felt the same.
    I appreciate the sentiment, but I'm not 'holding out'.  The City has indeed changed, and I think it's grown beyond anything I want to contribute.
  4. +bump for old times sake. Just logged back into GC after a few years break. I hope all is well with the old Blades. I wish nothing but the best.
  5. I'm rarely here anymore but all is more or less well with me. I hope you are well too.
  6. This should be turned into a novella or if you're willing to stretch it with details a novel
  7. Thanks, but no.
  8. Hey Oldskool .. I'm gonna give this read cover to cover . Prob start today . It might take me a week but I'm looking forward to seeing what's here

  9. Take your time :) It's all good, my friend.
  10. Ant's thread pulled me here for the read.. Excellent writing I must say..
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  12. Thanks, and Happy New Year to you all.
  13. From another old guy who started growing outdoors in his teens up until now who grows mostly indoors at 51 years old. Good job on the writing. I've dabbled in that myself through the years but I do like your style.
    I could really identify with having nowhere to get grow info and knowledge back then. Don't you love the fact you can jump on the internet and find out the hard core fact now?
    If we could have had the internet back then I wonder how great our stuff would be these days?
    Anyway, once again you did a great job and I'm glad I read this several years after the fact cause I would have hated waiting for every chapter.

  14. Thanks. I enjoy writing a great deal. This was especially easy to write because it's all based on things I've seen and done.

  15. So several members have kept asking me to post more of the story. I am considering it, but if I do so it will be in a new thread. If that happens I will post the link here.
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  16. Hey Old School . I loved your story bro . I was kinda sad when it came to an end
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  17. just seeing this and i think that this would make a well good book
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  18. Thank you! I take that as a compliment. I'm always a little sad when a good story I'm reading ends.

    Thanks to you as well, but that will never happen. I am working on book projects but nothing to do with this.
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  19. Hoping for this, what is your unrelated book about?

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  20. I have a novel in the works as well as a couple of non fiction projects.
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