A Grower's Tale

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by oldskoolgrower, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. Subbing to read later.
  2. You can also get the whole thing in my blog if you don't want to bother with all the discussion and commentary in this thread, though some of the latter is interesting.

  3. You mean you're retired from growing weed? Blasphemy man, where's the City going to find such a fine supply of bud porn?
  4. Sorry dude, it just isn't in the cards right now. I'm taking a long break for personal reasons. Life has a way of doing that. You go with the flow.
  5. Just read the story. That's crazy man! Thanks for sharing. It goes deep...

    ...the connection, I mean...


  6. That's a shame. Whatever, when I start up my grow soon I'll plant a few for you.
  7. Like I said it is temporary, but I've been 'retired' for far longer than I've been on GC when it comes to mass production anyways, and I don't talk to anyone IRL about it, so that would make it hard to become a mentor to someone.

    That being said, one day I'll probably meet some young man or woman who sparks my interest and I'll pass my knowledge along. I've already done that to a large extent here too though.
  8. coool story man. i wish i cud wirte sumthing like that but my best ideas come when im high and i always 4get to write dem down. =( #bummedstonerwriter
  9. Thanks. I didn't really need ideas since it is all based on my life.
  10. Still an amazing story to read at any time, I actually printed this off on a word doc. so I can just read it or show people the amazig story of one awesome dude!!!
  11. wow man, this is truley a crazy yet inspirational story. i used to come on her way back in the day and i remember reading this a while ago and it was absolutely a great read, i hope to have many stories like you, with a very fufilling life.
  12. Belated thanks. I'm glad people continue to enjoy this, and hopefully even learn something from it.
  13. OSG you ever gonna start supplying GC with bud porn again? :D
  14. Probably not. There is plenty already posted by me :)
  15. You dabbin big man? If not I'd love to see your hash regardless. Remember religiously reading this for a long time. You write amazing. Glad to know you're still in the city
  16. Thanks.

    There are two sticky threads in the harvesting and processing section about my hash and oil.

    Harvesting and Processing Medical Marijuana - Grasscity.com Forums
  17. Ah, gotcha. It varies. Usually I just top a spoonful of bud with some oil or hash/kief. Sometimes I just vape some pure oil.
  18. Nowadays this is my choice ;)

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