A Grower's Tale

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by oldskoolgrower, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. You can learn more than enough here to get started, and the rest will come with time and experience. I always answer PM's that have specific questions from people who have done their research and planned their grow.
  2. What I would do to share a joint with you and listen to your stories. Sorry if i sound creepy, I just love hearing stories :)
  3. I must compliment your sensibilities. We have two ears and one mouth. With OSG, I would definately use my ears. :smoke:
  4. Everyone has stories to tell. We all write our own stories. I wrote this more to inspire people to write their own tales with the ink of life. Live. Enjoy. Be.
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  5. Amazing! Such a great tale. I didn't read past page 30 quite yet, so I'm not sure if there is another story to read. I'll keep perusing for now. :D

    On another note, has this been compiled into one file yet?
  6. I would check his blog entries (found under the Avatar) or; :smoke:

  7. man what the fuck are you doing here?gtfo and go write a book.

    Anyway can u pm me adventures like having a gun in your head? I'd love that
  8. I do write, but this will never be in a book. Sorry but I can't send everyone who asks private stories either :p

    Thanks though, I appreciate the compliment.
  9. write here an uncuted version :p
  10. Too many rules here would be violated. Trafficking, violence, etc.
  11. I need more of your stories . :'(
  12. I just read through every single page of this thread and I must say the word "amazed" doesnt even explain it. You sir, sound like a great fatherly figure and also a damn good grower.

  13. I am a damn good grower, thank you. Whether or not I'm a good fatherly figure will depend upon how my daughter ultimately turns out. She's in her early 20's now and doing ok so it's looking positive, but the jury is still out.
  14. I know you probably hate having this topic bumped all the time but I just read it in one sitting and was truly amazed. A great true life story, simplistic enough to read quickly and yet deep enough to truly feel something for all the people. Thank you.
  15. Awesome story lol this kinda happened to me at age 11 not near a forested area though, in East LA. There was the hot sister too that offered me a jay lol and thats how it began for me haha; You're a good writer btw keep up the story :)
  16. Just read through all of this, I am just wondering, what are you top favorite strains you have came across?

  17. lmao funny as fuck man
  18. Thanks. I am gratified and surprised that people still hit this thread.

    Hot sisters are great, as long as they are someone else's sister ;)

    Real kush...not the hybridized crap people call Kush here in the States these days. I'm talking the stuff from India and Afghanistan. Same with real hash plant As for hybridized stuff I still love my Northern Lights.

    Glad you liked it.
  19. Rick.. will u be my dave? I want to learn!
  20. Unfortunately I'm retired, but thank you. I consider that a huge compliment.
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