A Grower's Tale

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  1. A Grower's Tale
    Chapter 9 - Wanderlust

    It would be a few years before Rick was to grow again. He lost the initial battle with his parents and against his better judgment he started College. He missed his plants, but the connections he'd built over the years ensured he had easy access to large amounts of quality bud.

    Before the first semester was out he quit college for the first of what would become several times over the coming years. Rick had always been a self educator and he found that school just didn't meet his intellectual needs. He moved into a little basement apartment with 3 other fellow stoner-guitarists. Many late nights of jamming, smoking, and philosophical discussion filled his world for that brief time, until his wanderlust grew intolerable.

    Rick had always loved Nature, so there was only one real logical choice. He moved out of the apartment and into the woods. It was the dead of Winter but the young man was already a very experienced outdoors-man, and for close to four months he lived in his camp on State land, watching as Winter gave way it's chill grip for the first glimmers of Spring.

    He longed to grow again but the desire to wander was even stronger. His thoughts had also turned back. It's perhaps one of the first signs of true maturity when one begins to reminisce about one's youth. He picked up the phone and called Chester.

    It had been a couple of years since they had spoken, as tends to happen when children move apart. Chester was surprised, and when Rick found out his old friend had no immediate college plans he made a fateful suggestion.

    "Dude, let's hitch hike across the country. I have a buddy in New Mexico. I'm going to go hang there for awhile then maybe head overseas." Chester replied, "Man, head on down here and I'll be ready. I didn't plant yet and I've got a ton from last year still. Let's fucking do it!"

    Thus began the first of what would be many journeys and adventures over the coming few years.

    ...to be continued.​
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  2. Damn, I wish that happened and I would be in the jury.

  3. Why the hell would you wish that.
  4. Hopefully for the sake of Jury Nullification!
  5. Ye indeed, wtf :O
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  6. I've read through this entire thread, you could have had a serious shot at having things published; this is pretty good work. If this thread doesn't become a sticky ill quit smoking...:smoking:
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  7. I don't know...making it sticky might not really be fair to the other hundreds of blades who post stories here.

    Maybe they should have votes for best story then make the winning threads stickies. There are more than one here that might just qualify.
  8. just read the entire thread, and i am enthralled by your tale! subscribign and +repping.
  9. how many plants did "rick" have when he harvested the 4 pounds??if you can remember

    kick ass thread:smoking:
  10. Fixed
  11. A Grower's Tale
    Chapter 10 - Walkabout

    A few years of travel were in store for Rick. He and Chester made it to New Mexico after several adventures. A drunken trucker tried hitting on them, which almost led to assault charges for Rick. They had a wild fling for a long weekend with a pair of waitresses in Chicago. They stopped in Kansas to raise some funds and hang out for a week with Chester's cousin. They were almost arrested for vagrancy in Kansas City.

    Still, this is A Grower's Tale, and much of this is tangential to Rick's growing life. Still, many of the things he did and saw helped shape him for future years.

    After close to six months Rick and Chester hit the West Coast and wound up staying there for about a year. After quite a bit of partying and even meeting a fellow grower in Northern California the two finally parted company again. Chester's mother had taken ill; he found out when he called home after many months of silence.

    Rick wasn't ready to settle quite yet. After spending a few more weeks in California he decided that his next stop would be Maui, where he had a friend who he'd met a couple of years before while on vacation there. We'll call him 'Jake'.

    Jake was quite a character. A year or two older than Rick, he lived with his over seventy year old father in a bungalow on the beach. The Old Man could roll the finest joints Rick had ever seen.

    Taking a fairly large sum of cash and the last of his stash, an ounce of Thai stick, Rick headed to the Islands. The next year was a haze fog of intense bud, long guitar jam sessions, monstrously large plants, and a seemingly endless beach party. There were many different women during that time, mostly West Coast girls who were in the Islands on vacation and more than a little eager to sow their oats with tanned young guitar players who had 'da kine' in unlimited supplies.

    It was here on Maui that Rick learned even more of the craft, this time growing giant, bushy Maui Wowie with Jake and the Old Man. They didn't grow much compared to some of the commercial growers; a dozen plants at most. It was of the finest kind though; intense sticky resinous buds that even when completely dry could stick to a clean painted wall as if they were made of putty.

    Eventually Rick's soul grew unsettled again though. He moved on and from there we must leave him for another year or so. He visited many exotic places and traveled to other parts of the world, all the time sampling whatever of the local cannabis he could get his hands on, all the time learning more about his passions; cannabis growing, martial arts, and the guitar.

    For various reasons we'll leave many details out now. Suffice it to say that after many, some rather bizarre, adventures Rick's thoughts turned back to home and to thoughts of settling down some.

    ...to be continued

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  12. im very much enjoying this story dude.
  13. Tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xd
  14. In chapter 10, how did you get the ounce to Maui????? Wouldn't you have to fly there
  15. It was easy to fly with it back then. I brought a bunch back with me too as well as seeds.
  16. i wish it were that easy now :(
  17. chapter ten sounds liek it was an amazing year.
  18. Rick needs to stand trail, get off, then write a book called "A Growers Tale: If I Did It" OJ style so we can get the un edited version
  19. What can be remembered of it was...
  20. amazing story first off. second, what kind of martial arts did you practice?
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