A Grower's Tale

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  1. + rep for inspiring future ppl :D
  2. I'm inspired. That's some truly great shit. Your writing drips with nostalgia over wonderful years past and it really comes across. Keep on writing. I'll keep on reading.

    Also, as I discovered this thread I just so happened to be listening to "The Crying Light" by Antony & the Johnsons which really fit the mood for me.
  3. Ever think of consolidating all this into one post??? I really don't want to have to look through all these pages...
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    If you really think the writing and effort put in to it does not deserve "looking through all these pages" ...then don't!


    on edit: OP did all the work writing it and you don't want to honor it by simply making a few clicks...that's really lame bro!
  5. im freaking devastated at the fact that i dont have any more 2 read!!! this shit is great man, really. consider writing a book and ill be the first 2 pick it up. i really cant wait till im able 2 start my own journey as a grower. +repx100 bro.
  6. Man excellent post, thanks a lot for the great story.
    I fuckin wish I could grow... well once I get into college, i'll try and pull the same thing by cultivating some herb in a forest far off :D
    Keep writing and peace man.
  7. this really might be one of the best threads on GrassCity.

    +rep, please keep making them
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    A Grower's Tale
    Chapter 8 - Coming of Age

    The following couple of years saw Rick not only growing into a man but also coming into his own as a grower. From the prepubescent pup who didn't know male cannabis from female he had now come to the point where he was growing multiple strains and had even taken his first baby steps into cross breeding them. Dave had turned him on to Hindu Kush bud and seed and the young man now had a new love.

    By now the 'War on Drugs' was gearing up into full swing. The Reagan Administration had declared all out war on cannabis growers, and that coupled with the growing use of military grade technology from helicopters was making it harder and harder for the outdoor grower.

    "Dude," Dave said one day as the two sat sharing a bowl. "Buddy of mine got fuckin' raided man. They're gettin' more and more of us." Rick was a little worried as well. Despite the fact that he now spread his plants out stealthily between multiple locations he took to taking extra precautions to make sure he was never observed tending them.

    Things certainly were changing in the world of cannabis in the U.S. The days of the plentiful, wonderful, varied imports were coming to a close. It was getting harder and harder to get anything decent from outside the country. Thai Stick began to dry up as it was far more profitable for the cartels to smuggle heroin from that nation. Same too with the Colombian landraces; between America's growing hunger for cocaine and the ever increasing risk one by one those connections dried up as well.

    Rick drew from the pipe thoughtfully, tasting the slightly spicy, earthy thick smoke of hashish. At least there was still some good hash coming in from the Middle East. "I don't know Dave," he said as he passed the pipe. "I'm thinking about getting out. I just don't know if it's worth the risk anymore. I mean, I gotta think about college and life and shit like that."

    "Dude," said Dave, "I gotta show you somethin'. Come on man." Dave led Rick down to his basement. In the couple of years they'd known each other Rick realised he'd never been down there. It was thus with wide eyes that he beheld the twenty-some plants growing in buckets of soil under bright lights. "This is the future man," the hippie said to the young man. "Yeah they grow smaller but like just as good as the outdoor shit man. You can't tell nobody about this man," he finally admonished. "I'll show you how to set the shit up. When you get your own place you'll know what to do."

    Rick had of course heard of indoor growing, even hydroponic techniques. He'd always dismissed the thought though, having always lived with his parents. The young man began to help Dave with the indoor plants, learning as he went about the differences and challenges of indoor growing.

    That year Rick lost 3 out of 20 plants. Whether it was to police or rippers he would never be sure, but his already well known penchant for stealth and secrecy meant he never came close to being caught personally. He had even taken to wearing latex gloves when working with his plants so as not to leave any physical evidence that could be tied to him.

    That would be the last year Rick grew outdoors for quite awhile. Graduation was looming closer. That last year of High School Rick grew nothing outdoors; instead the young man worked with his friend Dave and they shared in the harvests.

    Rick had decisions coming up. His parents of course wanted him to go straight to college. For some reason the boy didn't quite feel ready for that, instead being filled with a desire to travel first. He was rapidly moving from boyhood to manhood and felt he was on the cusp of choices that would reverberate throughout the rest of his years.

    To be continued...​
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  9. More to come when I decided how to handle the next couple of years. Things got a bit weird...
  10. Take your time man ^^

  11. I just need to figure out how much of certain things to say. Some of the following years didn't involve growing per se but did involve cannabis. We'll see, right now it's time to smoke since I've finished my morning workout and showered already.

  12. wow, excellent storytelling, im waiting for the newest addition. I'm flabbergasted.:smoking:
  13. Thanks :)

    It gets pretty interesting, I just need to let the thoughts and memories marinate a bit with some good strong bud :smoking:

    More later today I'm sure ;)

  14. Lazy punk ;)

    When it's complete I'll probably paste each chapter into a GC blog entry so it will be far easier to read at once. I label each chapter in the Title line so you should be able to search the thread for just the story...
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  15. I'm wondering, do you have kids? If I may ask? :eek:
  16. really like these stories:hello:
  17. One that I know of, in college now.
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  18. i get my bud from a hippy named dave HAHA!

    good ol dave and his sensi

    btw great shit bro lovin it so far
  19. Cool.. Wanted to ask you that yesterday but it slipped my mind :smoking:

    So, how big are the chances that there are a few other little OldskoolGrower's that you do NOT know of :p
  20. It's possible. The girls liked young 'Rick' ;)
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