A Grower's Tale

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  1. I love a good story, especially when it's on one of my favorite subjects. +Rep.
  2. A Grower's Tale
    Chapter 6 - Alone in the Dark
    It was not easy for Rick, moving like that while on the cusp of manhood. Leaving his friends and familiar places, leaving his wonderful magical garden spot. To the end of his days he would be able to close his eyes and see that little clearing in the woods; smell the forest air accented with the skunky sweet smell of his growing cannabis.

    High School is hard for most, but more so when one is new. It took months for Rick to make friends, but make friends he did. More importantly, he planted fresh seed come Spring. This year he was alone; there was no Chester to keep him company, to smoke with him. He kept his growing to himself even as he started to make friends with others in the 'stoner' crowd.

    He was a bit of an anomaly. He got excellent grades. Small but strong and athletic he excelled in sports and with his budding interest in the martial arts. He began playing the guitar, but largely kept to himself that first year. He'd go to a few parties, he knew some people, but he had grown insular, pouring himself into his hobbies.

    The plants grew as Summer waxed hot. Come Autumn he harvested. Not having a place to hang them to dry he resorted to hiding them in his attic, hoping the smell would not alert anyone. Lucky for Rick when his parents wanted something from the attic it was Rick they sent to get it.

    Whether it was just luck or some God of Cannabis looking down on the young man and sending his blessings, Rick was successful in his efforts and had pounds of bud to show for it. If anything it was better than the year before.

    Outside his bedroom window was the roof to an addition that had been added to his house; a library of sorts. There he sat on a cool evening in November, smoking a fat joint of his fresh harvest and wishing Chester were there to share it.

    ...to be continued.​
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  3. wow man, awesome story! subscribing, +reppin', and packin' another bowl :D

    did you ever see chester again?

    awesome spot on your roof, I had a place similar to that :)

    keep writin' dude!!
  4. haha, this is better than the movies. +rep and keep it coming.
  5. I really like you story, for me it reminded me of my younger friends who i have not seen in many years.
  6. dam. some powerful writing in that last one. i can completely relate to it, ive moved 3 times in my high school career starting in 8th grade. had to keep switching friends, but there were always people that i wished i was with when i would smoke. got really depressed at some points, but made it through and now im here :)

    cant wait to hear the rest of this story. its interesting as hell.
  7. Dude iam hooked on this shit. I really cant wait to read the next one. I have a buddy that we are goin to start growing together. Cant wait to see how we do. Thanks for the insporation my fellow blade
  8. haha loved the read, i'll deff keep checking this out im curious
  9. More to come tonight or maybe early tomorrow...:smoking:
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  10. Again, I enjoyed reading all your chapters, and you are a fantastic storyteller!

    I hope you ever saw Chester again, and/or are still good friends! Sounds like a real friendship, I also got that with someone I grew up with as kids.. had to move and shit.. but this is your story I'm not interrupting ^^

    Keep up the good writing!
  11. 'Tis a good read. I must admit I'm pretty jealous of your pounds of bud. Damn your growing ability!
  12. Awesome story, keep adding more to "Rick's" life, don't leave anything out! :smoke:
  13. Nice story man. Reminds me of my own story, I'm not very good at telling them though.
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    A Grower's Tale
    Chapter 7 - A Friend with Weed is a Friend Indeed

    Rick was now a young man in High School. He continued to make friends, and of course everyone loves the guy with plentiful cheap bud. He was a bit cynical though, knowing full well how many people kissed his ass just because he supplied.

    He made a few true friends though. Every day they'd gather at at old abandoned golf course, long since overgrown after being left fallow during the Great Depression. They shared everything; pipe and pot kept in a coffee can inside a hollow tree along with a lighter or box of matches. They did the typical things that teenagers do. They listened to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rush, the Grateful Dead and other bands. They smoked copious amounts of herb.

    Rick had many normal, and some rather abnormal, adventures for a young man coming of age. This story is about Rick the Grower though. It was around this time that he discovered an interesting side effect of growing cannabis. Other people who had access were interested in trades. Soon he was collecting Thai Stick and blond Lebanese Hash; Colombian Gold and Panama Red.

    Still each year he grew. After two years growing alone, as he readied for his latest sowing of the seed, he met someone. Rather, he already knew this man but the connection became clear at that time.

    He was older by at least fifteen years than Rick. We'll call him 'Dave'. Dave was a hippy, just starting to look a bit too old for the role. He and Rick had been trading for the past year when the subject came up. "You grow good shit man," Dave said one day out of the blue. Rick blinked. He spoke to nobody about his growing and had taken great pains to keep it quiet up until then. "Um, what do you mean?" the boy said, not very convincingly. "Awww c'mon man. I know you had to grow this shit. A kid your age ain't getting this kind of shit in this quantity unless he's growing or his brother is growin', and yer brother is like 9."

    Rick thought about trying to lie again, then relented and said, "Yeah well thanks. I've been growin' it a few years now." The boy was proud, perhaps overly so. Dave chuckled, a glimmer in his eye. "Check this out man," said the old hippy, and he took out buds so covered with frosty resin that Rick almost wet his pants. "I grow this shit," said the older man.

    That year Dave helped Rick with his crop. He gave him seed, he gave him knowledge. More importantly, once more Rick had someone to share with. They helped each other tend each one's plants. They smoked together. They traded various exotics as they came around. Rick learned much from Dave that year, but far more valuable was the camaraderie the boy found in his new mentor.

    To be continued...​
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  15. Damn oldschool. This is just awesome. Its like a GC storytelling. Waitin for the next part man, keep it going!

    I'd +rep you but I cant again lol
  16. OSG you inspire me to keep on my grind and find a place to grow

  17. Good! That's a big reason why I am here; to promote the responsible use and growing of cannabis.
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  18. Oldskool, this thread makes me proud that i'm starting my first ever grow next weekend man.

    Hope i'm growing for as long as you have been:D
  19. The next installment will probably come tomorrow; this old man is going to spend some quality time with his wife tonight.
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  20. wow amazing story good job :smoking:
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