A Grower's Tale

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  1. LOL, that's awesome. Did it help?
  2. Yes it did. I changed tactics in later years as you will see when the story continues.

  3. I hate the unfair advantage men have when it comes to peeing. :rolleyes: :(
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  4. Yes but you have boobs. I often wish I had one so my left hand had something to do while I am...um...meditating.
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  5. Want to trade? Because I've always just wanted to whip it out wherever I am.

    What is your right hand doing? ...don't answer that.
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  6. You wrote that oldskooler, obviously you did. Well done It does remind me of my first trip, Out in the country, dude gave me a bag ( I paid for it ) and it was no, Skunk#1.....However, it sure put me in the spirits for another taste.

    Well done oldskooler, I am now waiting on Rick, and Chester to see whats up next...;)
  7. Thanks brother ;)
  8. In the meantime while you are working on getting one...I am more than willing to get you one of these for the awesome story's you have written!


  9. A Grower's Tale
    Chapter 4 - Simply Sinsemilla
    One must understand; there was no Internet back then. There was no easy way to get books or other cannabis knowledge, at least not for someone who most though of as a mere boy. Still, Rick had managed to learn enough to know what must now be done.

    This time when the boys planted they added some chopped up brook trout they caught in the creek, mixing it with the manure, dirt, moss, and hummus. Once more they sowed seed in the earth, giving silent thanks as they shared a fat joint of their previous year's harvest.

    Rick had new plans for the deer. Around the little garden clearing he hung chunks of deodorant soap suspended in nylon stockings. Between this smell and the urine the deer stayed far away, now associating the clearing with humans and danger.

    The lazy days of Summer waxed high. It was a hot year but the rain was just enough and plenty of the Sun's life giving rays made it into the clearing. The plants grew, and grew. Tall and bushy, as the final days of Summer drew close Rick began carefully examining each of the precious plants. He had bought a good magnifying glass and now knew what to look for; each and every male was found and eradicated long before he could shed his pollen.

    Autumn came and the days grew shorter as the evening chill grew. There would be no early frost this year, Rick gambled. The buds swelled; neither boy had ever seen plants like this (remember, there was no Internet bud porn back then) with swollen calyxes and frosty glands of resin abounding.

    Harvest came. Once again the boys lost a plant to mold, but through diligence the rest dried well. One must remember still that information was much harder to get in those days, but the boys had managed to find out that some people put dried buds into brown paper grocery bags to make them 'smell good'. This they did, and they thus discovered that curing the buds made for a far better smoke.

    When all was said and done Rick and Chester had four pounds of sticky sinsemilla, and It Was Good.

    To be continued...
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  10. I like it, it's like "Where the red fern grows", but in this story, the red fern is a big skunky tree.:cool:

    Good stuff, keep reminiscing.
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  11. Thanks :) More coming later.
  12. Awesome story so far

  13. This story better not end up being nearly as sad as Where the Red Fern Grows.
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  14. and theres no hunting coons or buying hunting dogs or those dogs dying
  15. great story! im ready for the next installment of "The Giving Tree" --thats what your story reminded me of
  16. Wow.... all i can say is.... i'm enthralled.

    I WANT MOAR!!!!!:p
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    A Grower's Tale
    Chapter 5 - Movin' On

    A somewhat difficult fact of life, especially as one enters their teen years, is that one is at the whim and mercy of one's parents when it comes to where one lives.

    The next year began as the first but with a few minor problems. There was one small deer incursion and the dreaded Spider Mites tried to make the blessed plants their food source. Because Rick had taken to close daily examination of his plants he saw the telltale webs under the fan leaves, and upon closer inspection with his glass he saw the evil arachnids.

    A trip to the Public Library satisfied his incensed curiosity as to the nature of the invader. He immediately went into action. Grabbing the pyrethrin and insecticidal soap from his mother's garden gear he sprayed down the plants.

    It was a constant battle. Chester was becoming more lazy about the growing, so Rick took it upon himself to visit the plants twice each day, treating them and caring for them.

    It was then that disaster struck. Rick's father changed jobs, which meant moving a 3 hour drive away. On the cusp of High School Rick was being forced to leave his friends and his garden.

    He implored Chester to care for the plants. The two made a pact, the kind the is only made between two boys just entering their teens. He promised to care for the plants. Rick told him exactly what he thought needed to be done and promised to return come Autumn to help with the harvest.

    Through dint and diligence they managed maybe a pound and a half of good quality bud when all was said and done. It was by no means a banner year, but Rick managed to make one last visit to help as he had promised; he talked his parents into taking him down to see his friends once more.

    The two boys shared their last joint together as they split their harvest between them. A few tears clouded both of their eyes as Rick left for the last time, but what went unspoken between them as he got into his parent's car to leave were the silent words that their eyes exchanged...

    "I love you man."

    ...to be continued.

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  18. I feel like I should have the 'doink-doink' sound from Law and Order in between each chapter.
  19. woot woot I'll be back to read this later, already enjoying it. :)
  20. Love it for so far :D
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