A GREAT reason to LOVE GC!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nushaganazad, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. guys, i realized something tonight, and its a GREAT reason to LOVE GC!!

    i hear about people falling in love and stuff on here ,like baby toker, and Ipack, and OF COURSE RMJL and INDY, BUT ya know, we can make GREAT friends on here as well.

    This thread is just pretty much dedicated to TokinBlue mostly and Tootsie Blue some too haha, both of these people have become great friends, and Tokinblue is honestly my best friend now, and i am soo glad i met him through here, he helps me with SOO much and i just wanted to express my appreciation for this place to bring people together!.

    I love you GC!!

    WITHOUT yout two, i REALLY might not be here rightnow. i had a razopr out meant just fo meeeeee

    if i oculd, id hug/kiss both of you...:*:*:D:D

    i love you guys(gals) more that you will EVER know, and i am DEAD serious.....i seriosuly LOVE you tboth

    and if uyou gus say i am GAY then u deserve to be banned cuz jesus, if it wereemt fof these two, i would litera;lly ne gone from you all right now

    thnak you NUSH and Tootsie, i literally LOVE YOU BOTH FR:DOM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. MOPRE TAHN FAIMLY :D:smoke:

    EDIT:dont hold being drunk against me GC, thank you
  3. Dude, you have become an amazing friend, and ill be here for you for as long as i know you man. Tonight was nothing compared to what can come.
  4. lol get a room :p

    o.j !! its great 2 hear u guys are such good friends now :smoking::hello:
  5. lol sorry, ill hit you back when im sober

    i coulcnt tell u wsere saracastic and hit you right away

    dont worry, ulll be positive rep soon enuff
  6. i fixed it lol
  7. I feel ya... everyone here on this board has always been there for me, either publicly, through PM, and AIM.

    So yeah lotsa looooooove for GC and all the wonderful people in it :gc_rocks: :bongin:
  8. lol that sounded a little creepy haha

    but sadly nobody lives near me to chill with, isnt your best friend that tim guy nush?
  9. Idk, Ive known tim ALOT longer, BUT comparing the two into isnt possible, both are great friends and to be honet, nate is prolly a BETTer friend TO me, but i jut hang with tim like everyday.


    Ipack- may i ask how you and baby are doing?
  10. ehhh.... I don't really wanna talk about it.

    No offense to anyone here, but I do know that she doesn't want me saying too much about it on here, so I gotta respect her wishes

  11. i totally respect that bro, i know that if somen major personal happened, i wouldnt want it posted with a TON of stoners with nothing better to do haha.

    sounds bad though, sorry to hear it man.

    edit- and nate haha, just thought about this, when u come over tom, wilson will be Awfully happy to see you! lol althought he is at my gmas still


    DING DING DING DING DING. The number one answer.....

    sorry, I'm high and i don't have photoshop :D
  13. haha!!! !IF I HADNT ALREADY +reped u i would again haha

    damn i wish i could fall asleep, damn being coked out stinks lol
  14. Thx for the rep nush, I am just gonna rep one of these comments rather than your story one in other thing, but I am just wondering....

    In your dream when you stopped the car after seeing the guy fly over, did you control or know what you were doing (I know its a dream and all) but were you actually willing to jump in, cause thats scary shit.
  15. i wish i could meet some peeps on gc, but i live in the worst state. if any1 from my area. pm me. everyone good luck with everything.:smoke:
  16. dude i love everyone here. tokin and nush you guys are my boys!
  17. i dont remember posting ANYTHING yesterday

  18. Besides Indy, I've made some good friends here, too...and SJ is like a brother to me. The City can be pretty amazing! I'm happy for you guys for developing such cool friendships. :D
  19. I met Smokin Soldja(sp?) on here. He lives about 40 minutes away and ive hung with him about 5-6 times now, cool kid.
  20. i met up with emohnke last night and smoked a few bongs.

    and i really love this place too.

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