A Great Debate on the Existence of GOD

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  1. God is not up for debate.
  2. Only because there is no god
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    Imo, from a purely philosophical standpoint, Copleston bested Russell; Russell was stuck and cornered.
    "If one refuses to sit down and make a move, one cannot be checkmated (in relation to Russell's belief about the existence of the metaphysical God)." - Copleston
  4. There is no god, but there is GOD.
    Who said He was?
  6. God is defined as the creator, and all of us create, therefore we are all God.
  7. That's New Age doctrine, the doctrine of Demons. You are not, and will never be God. Another popular New Age doctrine is, "there is no sin".
  9. I Am God!
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    No. God is defined as the uncreated Creator (He is eternal). We are created creatures who can create (we are finite and not eternal) -- did you even listen to the debate??
    Copleston makes this point when speaking about "contingent beings" as opposed to "Necessary Being".
  11. There is one true GOD, gods are Mohammad, Budha, Etc. False gods. 
  12. I Am God /Thread
  13. Ask me any question you wish and I will answer in riddles
  14. That was the first lie in the garden of Eden, "You can be like the most high" LOL, you know who spouts that!
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  16. Yup!
    GOD in the sense of a conscious creator? A sentient being? What is the different between capitalized "GOD" and "gods"? Are gods misinterpretation of GOD?
    I study sociology and often a dsitinction is made between substantial religion and functional religion. Substantial religion refers to the actual substance or content of a religion, for instance moral codes or the existance of God. Functional religion refers to the social function and workings of religion. Personally I believe religion to be a functional construct,  without a conscious interference of the divine. I think God iks very real as a human concept, and just because people believe in it, it has influence on reality through the actions of humans. So in that sense I think God exists, but not as a sentient being.
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    Talking just to talk, huh? :rolleyes:
    Did you know that associating and equating anyone or anything with the God of Adam, i.e., the One true God, is probably the gravest sin in islam?
    "Being confined for room - the apostle of God sat down upon his legs drawn up under his thighs. A desert Arab who was present asked, 'what is this way of sitting?' Muhammad said, "Verily God hath made me a humble servant, and not a proud king."
    "Do not exceed bounds in praising me, as the Christians do in praising Jesus, the son of Mary, by calling him God; and the Son of God; I am only the Lord's servant, then call me the servant of God and His messenger."
  19. We are not all God. To say that would mean we all believe the same God, but the idea of God is different from each person.

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