A great day in the life...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. The definition of blowed, Is endo by the load, Chronic munchies got me on the roll.

    Today started off in a haze from alot of partying last night.

    I got money coming in for the moment.

    I fuckin bought 4 30 packs of natty ice today. Keep 2 30 packs in my room, Let the hood drink up the other 60 beers and enjoy the night.

    So i bought those boys.

    I played ball almost all day.

    Sunny and like 75 out. Played from like 3-8 off and on. Drank about 10 beers then. We started grilling.

    Made some killer burgers, Fryed up bacon, Cut up lettuce and tommato and had bacon cheesburgers with lettuce and tomato. Shit was mad delicuous.

    We was smokin while playin ball.

    Got some straight dank right now.

    Good price, More then i usually pay But i usually pay a bill a O. Somtimes less. But this shit was a lil more, Different connect i never got from before, BUt damn some killer ass greens. Im suprised. Some fires. I loaded a bowl like .4-.5 for me and i get ripped off a bowl. Thas crazy. I be smokin beasters and smoke a blunt and be aight. This shit gets me ripped.

    Im drinkin myself silly.

    Its gettin dark out.

    Im gonna chill for awhile, Get real drunk. Then go out on the porch and see whats poppin outside. I aient even brang out the other 2 30 packs yet. Im gonna in a hour or two. Fuckin kick it and have a block party tonight shit. Hahah.


    Now back to drankin n :smoking:

    :gc_rocks: :wave:
  2. sounds like an ill day in the life of ksr
  3. Sounds like a good ass day! It was cold here today (66) and real breezy winds comin off the ocean....glad you had some great weather and good company to enjoy!
  4. Man I love days like those. I'm not into ball, but my and my friends skated all day athe park. Then we went back to my buddy TJ's house and had a bon fire going in his back yard, grilling up some burgers smoking bowl all evening. Now its time for a few bong hits and some munchies, then relax for the rest of the night.

  5. another great day lol. yo KSR, i got a few homies up in detroit that keep telling me to come visit. maybe if i ever decide to go up there ima come kick it with you.
  6. Fucking 98* here....and was stuck at work but sounds like you're having a chill day KSR.

  7. Where they stay at?

    Southwest, East side, Downtown?

    Wonder if i know them?

    Or they stay in rouge or ecorse?

    Or highland park or hamtramack?
  8. take a hit, chug a bear, exahle. get crunk
  9. I'm coming to Detroit just to chill with you.

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