a great, cheap odor control

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  1. this is something i found online the other night...went to walmart and spent 11 bucks on fan and bucket. works great.

    You will need:

    1. A five gallon bucket
    2. A "muffin" fan, or a round fan of some sort that has the motor built into the compact frame of the fan. (See pics and you will understand.)
    3. A drill
    4. A one pound container of Soil Moist, which is a water absorbing crystal. You can find it at almost all nurseries and gorw shops.
    5. ONA, or Odor Neutralizing Agent. YOu can get it at most grow shops or "baby" shops for new mommies.
    6. A 5 gallong bucket lid, which may be optional.

    Step 1.

    Get yourself a muffin fan, or a Durex brand or Holmes brand circular fan with base. They are very common at Wal-Mart and can usually be bought for less than $8 US. The reason you should get this brand of fan is because after you have removed the base, it fits perfectly into a five gallon bucket.

    Step 2.
    Using a flat screwdrive, pry of the nubs on the base and remove the screws.

    Step 3.

    Remove the fan from the base. Keep all the parts in case you might want the fan again someday.
    Step 4.

    Place the fan into the five gallon bucket, frontside up. If you boght the holmes brand fan pictures here it will fit VERY snugly. You don't even have to secure it in place.

    (If it is smaller than the opening, then cut a hole, smaller than the diameter of the fan, into the bucket lid. Use some floral wire and secure the fan to the lid so that you can place the lid onto the bucket.)
    Step 5.

    Drill about 8 or 10 holes around the bucket.

    Step 6.

    Remove the fan/lid and put about 9 cups of water into the bucket. Then put about 1 cup of the ONA into the bucket and mix it up. Be careful, it can smell pretty strong at first.

    Step 7.

    Put about a cup or two of the soil moist into the bucket. Make sure that all of the liqued is absorbed. You don't have to use alot! The crystals expand to about 50 times their size.
    Step 8.

    Set the fan on the lowest setting and put it back on the bucket. Plug it in and put it somewhere in the corner of your grow room. I don't actually have mine in the closet itself...

    You will notice a difference in about 5 minutes!

    You may need to tweak it for your own grow room, but that's the basic design. Thanks!
  2. i find that activated carbon works much better than ona gel;)
  3. so does cat litter, pine cleaner and loads of other things i tryed when i cudnt find any ONA after reading this in a FAQ on overgrow about 4 mths ago.

    they had pics aswell tho.

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