A graphic protest

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    I heard the great Noam Chomsky recite a quote on hypocrisy and i thought i was so fitting to the situation that we the people are in, so i made a little "graphic protest".

    How do you like it guys and girls ? Please leave a comment :)

  2. i love this quote +rep for posting
  3. Thank you very much ! :smoking:
  4. nice typography
  5. Thank you elias :)
  6. Very nice poison :)
  7. Nice bro it's really eye catching. What's up with the sponsors though??
  8. Thank you :D

    Thanks man! They aren't sponsors. Seriously dude, you must be stoned as shit :) The whole point of the big-pharma logo's is the hypocrisy of their legal drugs vs. "our" illegal drugs. Their drugs kill ten times as many people as "ours". Get it now my friend ? :smoke:
  9. That's awesome man. :)
  10. cool! You should add CVS pharmacies... or is cvs only canadian?
  11. Oh, they're drug companies? Haha, I had no idea man, the only one I recognized was johnson and johnsons :p Shit, and I thought it was good before I got the whole point of it.. nice! :D
  12. cvs is in the US too
  13. i like it! i saved it to my comp and used it for my wallpaper
  14. Thank you very much :D

    I only added the worlds top ten big-pharma companies. In order of course, from left to right descending:)

    Hahahaha :D You have to know your enemy man! Study hard.

    :) Thanks Crazy May :smoke:
  15. Lol, I really want to turn this into a shirt now xD
  16. Hahahaha :D

    Maybe we should man ? I could make the whole thing in a higher resolution so that we could have it printed ? :smoke:
  17. yeah you can buy paper than you can print on and then iron onto shirts, so you can just buy a blank shirt and iron this on it =p and then under it I would also print another piece with a potleaf that says activist under it. xD Btw I just harvested plant #1 man, check my log, not totally dry but the samples are dank =p
  18. Yeah maybe i should play around with it when i have some more time. :)

    I'm gonna check your plant out man!
  19. wayyy to complicated for a stoner.

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