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A gram of kryp

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cheehwawa, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. How much do you get a gram of kryp for where you like? Im about to buy some, but Idk how much a gram would cost and dont know what a gram looks like size-wise. Any help would be nice so I know Im getting what I pay for, thanks :)
  2. $10 and a quarter size nug fairly thick
  3. kryp is a floridian term right? heh.
    but about $15 - 25 depending on the strain.
  4. well buddy from a floridian and an experienced smoker from another state also crippy is the kon bud of florida not a particular strain just a random dank seed that someone either got lucky or knew and to answer your question a gram of crippy will be exactly $20
  5. $20 is the usual price.

    If your tight with your connect, he might throw you a bone and seek $15.
  6. Nice, good to know cause I paid 20/gram. Got 3 grams. Im set for a whileeee :)
  7. shoulda got 3.5 its 60 an 1/8th.
  8. well idk what part of florida charges you 20 a g of "kryp", ive got 15$ g's from miami to tampa and inbetween. but youre right about it being the florida kon bud. its just another term for dank. but retail kryp goes 25/50 for the 1.7 n 3.4, so the gram would cost 15 dollars. dont settle for nething more then 15 bucks bro.
  9. Im in Key West and for the past like week hardly anyone was selling any green because I guess one of the major supplier down here got busted/hit by a car (cant remember which lol, my brother heard about it). Maybe it costed an extra 5 bucks a gram because its been hard to get. I dont really care though next time I will try to get the price down by 5 bucks.
  10. yeah you start getting like barely hooked up when you buy eigths so yah
  11. and for the other kids who said dont settle for anything less than 15, have fun with your mids or your best friend that you've known all your life that magically moves down here and hooks up with a dank bud grower and you get hooked up, but the chances of that are highly uncommon its a cirlce in all florida towns you just have to find it

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