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A Grade A Narcissist & Hurricane Irma

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Farii_barbiie, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Seven ounces<<<<<<<<<<<Shelter from flood. :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:

    An asshole would have told you to come, then tell you there's no room.

    You're in his home so :judgekneel:.

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    yea my brother is a narcissists
    it took our family a while to figure out what his deal was
    many years ago, in the late 90's when the internet was just starting
    my crazy sis in law (she really is crazy+hes married to her)
    it was really bothering her
    so she stayed up for three days researching it on the internet
    we were all eating dinner, i remeber she made some pasta, having a quiet meal
    when out of nowhere , we heard feet upstairs, a second later, the door slams open, shit falls off the counter, and sis in law is huffing/puffing, out of breath
    in between breaths, all excitedly, she says she "finally figure out, hes a narcissist, it all makes sense now" lol

    its like i put a pass on it, thats who he is, i dont judge, i just take it as life, but it really ruined our relationship and i cant trust him. everything from him is empty words and gestures, and its sad....
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    Not complaining over a few grams lol I bought a quarter to hold us over untill that Monday. That was only a day and a half basically. He begged us to come stay there. Literally begged. He called my husband and convinced him to come after we were going to go somewhere else. A narcissistic person knows how to maneuver around situations so they favor to them. He only wanted us to go there for weed. I'm not sure how guys are with they're dads but a daughter and father relationship is totally different. He know I needed to use the other stuff for something else as I already stated above. He nagged me for days to come over with that weed. I may sound selfish but goddam I know no one here is going to just give up there weed like that especially after buying him some and givin him some after a full blown tantrum.

    I knew how my dad was and this is why I didn't want to stay there. We would've went to our friends place. But he manipulated my husband and changed his mind to go there instead. No one here is going to tell me I'm being selfish for this one.
    Thanks for your input.

    Forgot to mention I'm already half An O gone and it's only been three days. He can't have normal blunts he needs fatties. Constantly complains about everything no matter what. Just put that into perspective thanks

    And that shitload of weed is our only livelyhood at the moment. Literally. So for a father to know that and try to use that against me can go fuck himself.

    Anyone who thinks I'm being selfish after that should start a gofundme for that fucker then. He doesn't get my pity. He can have yalls.

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  4. Flood? Lol We weren't in a flood zone. We all knew we weren't gunna get hit bad. We were going to a friends instead and he manipulated my husband to go there instead. And he's continuing to manipulate us while we're here. There's a difference between knowing what your owed and taking point blank advantage. So thanks for your opinion but it sucks.

  5. I get it that your dad is acting like an asshole and throwing tantrums and shit is just ridiculous....but you knew how he is and had another place to go and still decided to go to his house. You put this on yourself.

    My wife's family is a fucking disaster. I know this, she knows this. We avoid them every chance we can. If there was a reason we had to evacuate and we had an option between a friend's place or her family's place, there's no motherfucking way we'd go to their house. No motherfucking way. I'd sleep in my fucking car first.

    Yeah, your current situation sucks but you had another option and didn't take it. It's hard to feel sorry for you knowing that you knew it would be a problem.
  6. It wasn't my decision. Do you make the decisions in your family? My word doesn't mean much in mine. Unfortunately my husband and I don't agree on much and he gets his way most if not all of the time. I don't need your pity either honestly. I came here to vent not for anyone's pity. I'd gladly go but I can't leave my kids. Yea leave my husband and all that shit people will say... easier said than done.
    Thanks for your and everyone's input but like I said I just really needed somewhere to vent. I wasn't looking for opinions or pity. Reddit wouldn't have been so nice and I see here ain't either. Like with every fucking post I post here, I end up regretting it. This one is no different apparently.

  7. As far as the decision making in my family, my wife and I usually split it 50/50. Sometimes she'll say "I don't care, you decide", sometimes I'll tell her that, other times we'll discuss things and decide together. That's the way it should be. My wife had always been with guys who acted like they owned her and they told her what to do. When she got with me it took her a while to adjust to having a man who actually valued her opinion and didn't just tell her what to do.

    Sounds like your husband tries to run the entire show. I do feel for you on that one. It sucks not having your opinions listened to or considered. Your husband would do good to live by my motto: "Happy wife, happy life." It works for me. I'm not saying we don't have fights or arguments but in general we get along and I wouldn't ever make her go somewhere that she would be miserable if I had any other choice. Your husband needs to grow up along with your dad.
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  8. This hurricane fucked me up too. In so many ways. I should've gotten my nutes, and seeds, a fucking week ago. I had to take everything dealing with my grow to a family in laws house. Thinking I was far enough away to not lose power. Lol, wrong. 3 days no power. My job just happened to be an evacuation center, so I got fucked with working during a hurricane.

    Fuck Irma.

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  9. might want to think about how you are raising your kids.
  10. Not sure how that factors in here but I do every single day hun. That's #1 priority. Now we're back home safe and sound thanks!!

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  11. sorry babe, woke up in a crap mood. what i was trying to get at is that kids key off of everything we do. ive never understood how they have the ability to pick up on all the subtle things we think we hide. hell i wish i had their sixth sense id be st tha black jack tables! not trying to cast doubt on what you do as a mom. good luck
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