A Google Sticky On Every Page.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by NJtoker187, May 13, 2011.

  1. I think the moderators should put a google sticky up on every section that states, "before asking questions click here". Most of the questions people are asking are really already answered somewhere on the web and can easily be found with an online engine search, such as google. Just a suggestion that would save alot of room and frustration.
  2. Why not do a search on GC?

    If you're searching for grow information, you'd be surprised at the wealth of information available on the City. ;)
  3. OK, then a sticky that says "before you post click here" and it leads to the search page. Or is there something stated like that somewhere I don't know. But theres constantly questions being repeated and repeated. Not even grow questions just common sense questions. I'm sure the information is already here but people just don't seem to know.
  4. No one reads the stickies, proven fact.
  5. Truth. If people read the stickies we would not need mods.

  6. I do! I've read all of the ones in General/Real Life Stories

  7. What did they say? Anything I should I know? :confused:

  8. I'v actually read all the rules and all stickies in general and such right after my first post, saves time and energy.

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