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A good story (short)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. My wife went to the grocery store this weekend. Nice store in a nice part of town, you know one of those stores that has all the damn yuppie srtuff like pre-cooked meals, florist, butcher, etc.

    As she was checking out there is a commotion in the parking lot. A man is argueing in the parking lot with a women. She thinks its a domestic fuss gone public. All of a sudden the man pulls out a knife and stabes the women a couple of times in the neck and chest. The women falls to the pavement. The guy then goes around and slashes all of her tires. Somebody in the store starts screaming for a manager. A store manage goes into the parking lot to confront the guy with the knife, and then the guy hightails it out.

    My wife came home pretty scared and shook up seeing all this shit go down in front of her.

    Two things pop up in my mind afterwards.

    #1 Grocery Store Managers here don't make jack shit for pay, especially not enough cash to go confront some crazy ass bastard who has just stabbed a lady. Cops don't make much more either, but they like doing stupid shit like that.

    #2 This entire episode was covered up by the local media. Not one story in the newspaper or on TV. There were articles in the paper about other shit that went down on the same day, but not this one. I guess a grocery store chain has some pull to keep negative publicity out of the media. A side note - there seems to be an extra amount of advertising for the grocery in the paper this week.
  2. Makes ya wonder!
  3. a good story... umm...

    thats horrible. i hope the bastard gets whats commin. who stabs a chick??
  4. I let the wife read this story.... She said she would not have left the store untill a cop or someone walked her to her car... It is sad that this type of thing happens some where in the world on a daily basis!

    Tell momma puff that I hope she doesn't have nightmares because of that..
  5. My wife was inside with the rest of the shoppers on a Saturday afternoon when this happened. The lady didn't die, my wife said she was sitting behind the steering wheel of her car holding her chest when the ambulance showed up. My wife was pretty shook up Sturday, but is OK now.

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