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  1. So there is this girls that I know wants to fuck.
    The only thing is she has fuck a couple more dudes then she should have.
    I am in high school and shes pretty much a whore now(word travels fast you know whigh school drama).
    Now I am not the type of guy that goes running around with everyone in my business if you know what im saying.
    The main thing is I just started talking to this other girl and I dont want to fuck shit up if you catch my drift.
    So should I fuck her?
    Shes not nearly as good looking as the girl im trying to get with and I nkow if I fuck her many people with find out.

    But I need some poon.
    and I know if I get in a relationship with this girls I problay wont get any for a while.
    What should I do?
  2. hahahahaha it looks like that guy was waiting a long time to use that picture and its lookin pretty appropiate but deff spit game and get the hotter chica
  3. ey man.. girls like that dont even know what they want in life yet. and high school drama doesn't matter.. once you graduate you wont see any of those fuckers.

    man i'd say hit it... then hit that other chick your trying to get at...

    then smoke a bowl or two.... then sleep i guess

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