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  1. I have approx. a lb of weed I grew this last grow and have a delemma.I am now curing in mason jars(20).Opening and closing every second day. My memory is bad so I need to keep them close so I won't forget like last time.MOLD:eek: you never seen so much mold:mad: Ruin nearly all me crop:confused:
    thing is I have them in the cupboard in the pantry and the wife:cry: is getting tired of looking and moving them to get at the dishes:wave:
    I was thinking of just bagging them all up together,vacumm seal and refrigerate. But they are not fully cured yet? would that be ok or should I make sure the moisture is out of the bud before freezing? Thanks for your help and any suggestions to get the misses of my back:hello: Peace and Love Sh
  2. If you do that right now mold is a giant possibility. You need to go through the whole curing process to get that moisture out first!!!!
  3. It would seem to me that I should be able to freeze most of it and cure later. Why not?Shithead:)
  4. Just cure it all the way and then freeze it no mold and ur bud will taste like dog turd if you freeze then finish curing. I water cure all of the bud I freeze to get 100% chlorophyll out.
  5. thanks polukoff ,good info sh

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