a good idea i just had and i need help!

Discussion in 'General' started by f1r3m4n, May 2, 2006.

  1. ok so i want to get like a few salvia plants to grow.....and i need to know is it hard to just put it outside...i live in seattle.....please help i wanna do this ASAP....
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  2. or splice salvia and marijuana DNA together and make a badass drug. lets call it. acid

  3. ya....or u could just give me advice on what i asked for
  4. Dairyman... just no. Great "idea" but, oh fuck it. Go splice some salvia and mj. If you can.

    As for you f1r3m4n - It grows just fine outside, there's a surprising amount of people who just have it in their garden since it's a beautiful plant. It's pretty hard to grow though and you will need to find some clones, ideally.
  5. that reminds me of road trip, the guy invented untraceable marijuana and got rich of it.

    tobacco = tomacco, as cannibus = cannicumber
  6. bump so my friend can get his question answered.

    next time use a better descriptive title though, homie g-doggie style dizzle fizzle
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  7. I don't know about Seattle. Salvia d. doesn't like to be cold and is extremely susceptible to frost. If you have a sheltered area somwhere in your yard, yu can try to grow it there. It makes a decent houseplant though as long as you have a window that lets in some light.

  8. emrandel... its insanely hard to grow salvia divinorum inside and especially outside...

    what you are hearing is other strains of salvia that grow in different climates. and trust me they are not the same.
  9. ok so its possible to find other strains that will grow well in a colder climate? also like i would grow it inside most likely it gets to cold in the winter here for almost any plant to survive especially a hot weather plant like salvia
  10. there is only one strain of salvia that has salvinorin a in it... you can grow the others but they wont do shit but sit there...

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