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A Good Friend

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, a Buddy's been down for the last week from the Mainland and it's been nothing but drinking. So if I have'nt been around lately this is why. His girlfriend's first time on the Island and All she kept saying was "it's so green here". Anyway my Buddy gave me a gift...and it made me feel good to have friends like him.

    The pipe of coarse was broken in with some HIGH grade Bubble Hash which I made just for him.

    Have a look.

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  2. It sounds like youve been having a good time!
    Nice tin, are you going to post the picture of the pipe aswell?
  3. HIGH All, (sorry brian hobo) here's inside.

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  4. HIGH All, too quick heat_blitz *LOL*.
  5. nice pipe! unoit!! i hear ya!!! good friends are hard to come by! glad to hear ur havin fun!!!! don't sink too far down the bottle;)
  6. HIGH All, *LOL* it's ok daiseyduked....Rocdog would make sure I don't get too far into it. She is my lifeline.
  7. Yeah i used to have a little set like that, was good for those situations....Pipe tastes a little harsh but does the trick

    and the jet flame lighter is PIMP!
  8. Wow, that's the best gift ever!
  9. A great gift from a great friend..

    Life doesn't get much better than that..

    Enjoy the gift my friend!
  10. hehe very nice, I would have liked to just have the lighter:p
  11. nice. That lighter is sweet. Got the angle and shit.
  12. Ah nice gift man, its always nice to recieve a smoking device from a freind.

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