A good and cheap seed bank for U.S

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  1. Whats a good seed bank that ships to the United States?
  2. attitude seed bank. excellent prices, service and shipping.
  3. Seedbay.
  4. Asking a question like that will get you a thousand different truthful answers. Everyone has their experiences. My suggestion is to start with Attitude Seedbank, their discreet shipping is almost always sufficient to get your order safe, but don't expect them to replace your order, whether you get their "Guaranteed Arrival" shipping option (don't fall for it, just get the stealth shipping) and if you want to try another, I've heard good things about a few others, but Attitude is the closest thing to a sure thing, in this 3 year veteran's opinion.
  5. Single seed centre.
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  7. What? Amsterdam is a city in the COUNTRY of Holland, sometimes known as The Netherlands. Wow geography is dead...
  8. Attitude for the freebies and great genetics, plus mature seeds in breeder packs.

    Enter "420" in coupon code section to get 10% off andd also still get freebies.

    I made it my mission to promote them in questions like this after being very impressed with them.
  9. The single seed centre

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