A Godly Rant

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  1. good post's by all of you, allthough the whole subject, is one one of domination, and power.

    human power. made for the weak to believe,,, and the elites of the church gain power by this,,,, man is weak,,,, he needs something to blame his weakness on,

    and how can you follow these half crazed preachers who, do all things that are taboo to man,, be he religous or atheiest,,,

    and this church,, that has this sign, well this preacher has got to be a lunitic.

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  2. You're sure about that? Cuz I'm not.

    Peaceful. Right. Gotcha.
  3. Well you bring up an even more interesting point, XPiperX.

    Among the quotes you supplied there is an entire laundry list of horrendous things in the bible; http://www.evilbible.com/

    And the thing is, is that any christian is supposed to accept the holy trinity. The idea that Jesus is literally God, along with the father and the holy spirit. Therefore, Jesus is responsible for those horrendous example of slavery, rape and murder.

    Doesn't seem like a peaceful, happy guy to me. Seems more like an angry, vengeful person.
  4. its funny how some of you one here try to accuse christians of "cherrypicking" what they want to hear from the things they dont. that would be a horrendous mistake to think so, because afterall, who really is doing the cherrypicking?
  5. What? Are you trying to make a point or just attempting to turn the argument around and not succeeding?
  6. im referring to your previous post which contained the link to "the evil bible." i apologize, i should have quoted your sentence.
  7. I don't understand your question.

    It is indeed cherry picking, but that's the whole point of the website. It is an compendium and catalog of the despicable orders and passages of the bible.

    It's goal is not to be fair and balanced.
  8. The story of jesus was just a religious epic, a gimmick, a switch to sentimentalism in a previously hardcore religious saga, we needed a softer more emotional god, so he filled the gap, this switch in gear was found to be greater appealing to the larger religious community -hence the high statistics in belief throughout the world.

    The jews initially came up with the idea of 'God' as system of enforced control. The juridicial order where the priests and religious leaders were in governmental superpowers, hence they were the order, if the priests decided to add a law or a decree, they would simply say "God said this!" and the whole nation would follow the divine commandment, and the same can be said for the Vatican in the Medieval Era. As well as the sacred 'Oracles' of the greecians in BC (king Leonidas - when consulting with the oracle was told that "the gods will that one man die for all" and that "the bold Lion will soon be with the god's"

    Its all just been a game - but it has evolved to what it is today. we believe what convicts us.
    jesus was a nice guy, and a great philosopher too- heck i'm even convicted by some of his writings, but to believe in him as a God - is going againts even the bible itself, afterall he was just a man, and would God deliberately break his commandments by making you worship another man? - i believe then God was sneaky, and deliberately misled the Jews.
  9. If I were God, which I am not, I would not care if someone believed in me or not if I gave them no evidence. If It mattered so much, I would prove my existence, so that everyone knew what I expected of them, without any guessing games or misinterpretations. To do otherwise is cruel, are we lab rats? Is that what God thinks of his "children"? I am sorry, but if I had children I would most certainly not give them some odd game, a game they did not know the rules to, and based upon their performance in this game, damn them to hell or bless them with heaven.

    They do exist, though. :)

    You can't really use the Bible to prove the Bible.

    They do "cherrypick:, as is evidenced by all the different denominations.
  10. How to put this gently...

    [deleted so as not to get banned. An entire paragraph. Nnnnnnnngh. Is "Moron" a bad word? I know "Stupid" is... I'm keeping the peace though. Look, a new paragraph :D ]

    Look at it from my point of view:

    Now this is not difficult. We got this massive amount of data and evidence and what have you saying beyond any doubt that the earth is rather old and the universe older still. Talking billions of years here.

    And then comes some faithist saying ten-thousand years tops. No evidence provided, but it says so in this book that someone (many actually) wrote in the late iron-age...

    How to respond? Treat such ideas with respect? Only if the idea of Santa-Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Aryan Supremacy are respectable ideas.

    Those without intellectual honesty will continue to self-reference. That includes validating the bible by quoting the bible. Remember, proving anything is not difficult as long as one disregard the contrary evidence and just count the hits in some context. As feeble as they may be.
  11. Which of course they are not... Somehow though, it has become unacceptable to question someones belief when they claim it is a religion, though they are open to ridicule as long as religion is not claimed. It is an odd position to hold, an odd stance to support, and an odd claim to make.

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