A Godly Rant

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  1. See what I mean,it's all Jesus said this,he said that,bullshit.The only way I can believe in jesus, is if you say he's a vampire,cause those are they only creatures that rise from the dead and are immortal.

    Drink my blood anyone,eat my body,holy communion,sounds kinda fishy,sounds like Count Dracula....

    If you say Jesus exist I'll say Vampires doo too,and don't forget Satan,without Jesus theres no Satan....
  2. Sounds more like paganism to me ;)
  3. I think I finally figured out how to become rich and gain world power at the same time,start a religion with a iconic figure.

    I see 200 years from now Ron hubbard being worshipped like Jesus was,the real question is who started it,I know what group, but I'm keeping it to myself.:rolleyes:
  4. It'd be awesome if the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster became an actual religion :D
  5. Doesnt it bother any of you religious folk that the concept of "god" and religion was built on a foundation of ignornace and a lack of understanding? Jesus wasnt the first man to claim he was the son of god, nor the last. He was however the most successful at selling it, that much I give him credit for.

    The entire concept of god is full of selfishness from both sides (god & human).

    Why do you believe in god? What if god only revealed himself as a creator and nothing more? What if he made no mention of a heaven or a hell, or even better, what if god said there was no heaven or hell? What if, inspite of an existing god, at the end of your life you were just.....dead? Would you still find it necessary to believe in god and to live by his word? Maybe, but what would be the point?

    Religion has survived for all of this time because humans are selfish (to a certain extent) at heart, its in our nature. You believe in god because you want something out of it, a place in heaven and eternal life.
  6. And let's not forget about Mohamed

    Why mainstream Christians and Jews ignore THAT prophet - I have no clue. Doesn't mesh with their current belief system I guess.
  7. I don't understand that either because in the Koran, Jesus is mentioned, and noted as a prophet.

    I think that Mohamed's story is a good one, too bad most people aren't willing to read it.
  8. It is! Way better of a story than Jesus.

    Jesus is just depressing in comparison. Too mellow dramatic.
  9. Jesus is as humbler as they get. afterall, He was God in human form! what humility he is showing! :D

    Jesus was probably the most humble man that has ever lived. He was often found crying and praying; never laughing.

    depressing or not, the Truth of salvation surely isnt. :)
  10. Jesus is as humble as they get. afterall, He was God in human form! what humility he is showing! :D

    Jesus was probably the most humble man that has ever lived. He was often found crying and praying; never laughing.

    depressing or not, the Truth of salvation surely isnt. :)

  11. Not I. If God told me there is no heaven this is all you get i would still love God as much as I do now, and I would thank God for giving me this life.
  12. You basically just described an emo kid.

    teh reel jezus?


    I think the comparison is entirley valid

    EDIT: my point is that in a fight, Mohamed would win.
  13. Yes I agree with everything, but the laughter. I don't see Jesus not laughing. If anything, I believe he was a very peacefull, happy guy.

    Maybe the not laughing came from how fucked up the human race was, but other than that i dont see why he wouldn't laugh.
  14. Well, religion is basically just primitive philosophy. Our first stab at it even. As such it is not surprising that even Christianity is really just Astrology in disguise.

    A couple of clues: The son (sun) and the 12 disciples (12 signs of the zodiac).
    The transition from Taurus (worshiping of the gold calf) to the Ram. With subsequent Jewish slaughter traditions to follow. With the oncoming age of Pisces, Jesus was introduced. Jesus fish anyone?

    But by no means, this video says it much better than I can. It is long though, about two hours. Very detailed.

    The Naked Truth

    GLHF :smoking:
  15. I don't think either of the would win, after all those hunger strikes and starving themselves, I'd imagine they really weren't strong enough to throw down. I don't recall Jesus curb stomping anyone in the Bible, or Mohamed power bombing anyone either :p
  16. But Mohamed had a horse and a sword. He killed fools in battle.

    Jesus just swung a hammer and drank wine.

    No competition, I'd put money on Mohamed.
  17. Why would god come to earth in human form,I would think he would have better things to do.
    Never laughing huh,it's said vampires never laugh,I bet you he could'nt look in the mirror either.

    Theres only one way to enforce lie's, by placing them in multiple text's.The Bible and Quran are both born from Judiasm,it's also said the jews did'nt write the Torah untill after they were freed from the Egyptians.

    Thats the same time Moses showed up, hmmmmm smells fishy,the ten commandments, huh!why do you get to set the rules?

    Is it cause we want power.......Were a power hungry race,religion is just our first Vice.....
  18. fortunately for us, we are worth His time. He came to offer us salvation.

    "I came so that you may have life, and have it abundantly." John 10:10

    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

  19. I though we were all children of God,now there changing it,and saying he only had one son...HAH!!I don't need Jesus to be a middleman for me,and if you look at it in a buisness sense,your getting fucked in the middle.

    Tiny:George what's wrong,look at all this fuckin money
    George:No something's not right,were doing all the work and were still paying retail,were getting fucked in the middle.
    Tiny:So what do you think we should do
    Geroge:Any of you know how to speak spanish

    Screen goes black

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