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A glossary of glass terms every smoker should hear

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MagicHat, May 22, 2010.

  1. I found this writeup from a smaller private forum and thought it could be of great use to some apprentice smokers who have heard these terms but never knew what they meant. If there are things left out that seem important, please let me know and I can add them to the list:

    Ashcatcher/AC - An extra piece you can attach between the slide and down stem of a tube, that has a smaller water chamber used to filter smoke before it goes into the actual bong. It is also used to catch any ash that gets sucked through the bowl, keeping the tube clean and free of ash, hence the term Ashcatcher. Lame term for this is “pre-cooler.”

    Bell (Curve) - An upside down bowl almost used in bongs with a Ti Pad or when taking knife hits. Attach the Ti pad to the bell curve or hold the knives under the bell and inhale like you would a normal hit.

    Bent Neck/BN - refers to the angling of either a bowl, down stem, diffuser or mouthpiece of a tube.

    Bistabil - refers to a joint that is made 52% thicker than the standard joint. This is where the down stem slides into the tube. A standard joint is 1.8mm, while Bistabil is 2.8mm. The next step up is Uber, 4.0mm thick

    Bore - The diameter of the tube on a bong normally measured in mm. How thick the glass is.

    Bulge - If a bong has a percolator, it may have thicker glass or a wider diameter than the rest of the bong. This section is referred to as a Bulge.

    Bushing diffuser - a glass on glass down stem, which reduces the normal joint size to a smaller one. A bushing diffuser is typically 18mm to 14mm, 18 being the male joint, which slides into the pipe and the 14 being the female joint. Bushing diffusers create a lower profile because they eliminate the need for a bubble between the male and female joints on a down stem (if the joints are the same size).

    Button Bowl - A gong slide with 4 holes on the bottom instead of one; designed by Dr. Gadget of TCT. It creates an increased airflow because there are four small holes instead of the normal one, almost like a built in glass screen.

    Bubbler - Smaller water pipe more like a regular dry pipe than a bong, although bubblers have a bowl, down stem, water chamber and mouth piece all in one piece of glass. Sometimes can have a removable bowl/slide but not usually. Come in several shapes and designs (chubbler, inline, sidecar, sherlock, kettle, hammer, shlammer, stemless, etc.).

    Carb - A hole on a piece that is covered during inhalation, but is uncovered to clear the chamber of smoke.

    Carbon Filter – Small piece of glass placed between the slide and down stem containing a sphere that is filled with carbon rock used to filter the smoke even farther.

    Cash(ed) - When the bowl is only dust/ash and no hits are left.

    Chillum - Smoking pipe originating from India that is a straight cylinder tube, simlar to a "one hitter/pinch hitter" but has a larger bowl area allowing for more bud to be packed. Usually made of "worked" glass.

    Collaboration/Colab - Meaning when two or more artists get together to work on a single glass piece. Can also mean an artist and a company working together who normally don't.

    Corner - Lighting just the edge or corner of a still green bowl as to not burn the whole green after one or two hits, a common curtsey when smoking in a group of people.

    Crown(ed) - A style on a bowl or mouthpiece that consists of marbles or color being fused in a continuous pattern around the circumference of either the bowl or mouthpiece.

    D-Cut - Diamond cut, which refers to a diffuser with a specific pattern of cuts where small slits are made at the bottom on the end of the down stem in a bong or bubbler.

    Disc Diffuser - A type of diffuser mostly used in stemless tubes but becoming more popular. A disc covered with water, and as you inhale, the smoke is forced through the holes/slits pierced in the disks, thus diffusing the smoke.

    Double - Slang term referring to tubes with two chambers. For example: a "RooR double" would be a RooR tube, with two chambers, one at the base of the tube, and one being a percolator. Same goes for “Triple”, “Quad” and so on.

    Dry Piece - Any smoking device that does not use any kind of water filtration. Can come in numerous designs shapes and sizes (chillum, steamroller, spoon, hammer, sherlock, sidecar, etc.)

    Flame Polished - The process of cutting a logo or image onto a glass piece. It gets it's name because originally when the piece is removed, the area on the glass is rough and is then "polished" with a flame to make it clear

    Foot - Base of the bong.

    Glass on glass/GonG - Referring to the style of joining various pieces of a bong or bubbler (down stem/bowl) involving the use of a ground glass joint. Typically measured in 14mm or 18mm, which refers to the joint diameter (alternatively, 14.4 or 18.8) Glass on glass joints provide a superior seal to rubber grommets, and are commonly used in laboratory glassware.

    Gauze/Screen - Also known as glass screens, these small pieces of glass act as a stopper for slides with large punches, while still providing flow. Screens can also be made of metal although they're not the same quality as glass ones (not as reusable).

    Heady Glass – Refers to glass that is unique in design and completely worked with color by a real artist. They look like actual pieces of art instead of the regular production glass you normally see. Headies are one of a kind pieces.

    Ice Notches - Three or four pinches made in the straight part of the tube used to trap ice. Allows the ice to fill the tube without it falling into the water; creating a colder, smoother hit.

    Inline - Refers to a "sideways stem" in the piece found in ashcatchers and bongs, the stem normally has d-cuts or piercings throughout

    Joint – Area where the tube jets out with an opening for a down stem to fit into. (Bistabil/Uber)

    Keck Clip - Small plastic clip used to secure a GonG down stem to the tube so it doesn't accidentally get pulled out when removing the slide. (Mostly seen on illadelphs)

    Milk - To fill a tube, bubbler or piece (usually refers to a tube) completely with smoke to where everything is completely white. Lame term is “white walled”

    Percolator - Made in tubes and ashcatchers. An Extra camber usually made up of 3-4 tree arms (can be less or more) and it allows smoke to be further filtered by water, creating a smoother hit. Dome percolators are an older design and not used as much anymore. Tree arms and discs are used more now.

    Pierced - Referring to a diffuser with small holes or circles are made at the bottom on the end of the down stem, instead of small slits (D-Cut).

    Punch - The hole in the bottom of a bowl/slide.

    Push - Referring to the depression inside a slide/bowl; where the weed goes. Sometimes you hear of a “worked push” which means the artist put a design on the inside of the bowl.

    Production/Prodo - This can either refer to; A) cheap mass produced imported glass from China or other Asian countries, or B) production style pipes that glass artist make many of for wholesale as opposed to one-of-a-kind pieces, usually following a close formula. (Try to stay away from this type of glass)

    Shower Head - A diffuser with a rounded ball or cylinder with cuts or holes all the way around its edge to diffuse the smoke. Basically it looks like a completely virtual shower head.

    Slide/Bowl – The small piece with a glass on glass joint where you put the weed. It is removed from the tube when clearing a hit to increase airflow.

    Snorkel Carb - A carb that usually rises from the bottom of a can in a bubbler and looks similar to a snorkel.

    Splash guard – Referring to a tubes extra chamber usually on top of a percolator, created so the water does NOT go up the tube and get on your lips when you're taking a hit.

    Steamroller - Usually a larger dry piece in the shape of a long cylinder with a bowl in the middle and also openings at each end to clear the smoke(mouth/finger holes).

    Spoon - A dry pipe used to smoke marijuana that is shaped similarly to a spoon.

    Stemless - Refers to a tube that has no removable down stem, instead it has an attached glass stem that goes down into the water chamber, usually making an “L” shape outside of the tube.

    Stuff and puff - The term used for putting color on the inside of a vessel of clear glass by blowing the color into the inside of the clear tube.

    Teardrop - A slide that has a handle that goes down to a point and resembles a sideways teardrop.

    Ti - Slang term for a titanium pad, usually on a metal swivel attached to a GonG bell curve that is heated up until red hot then used to vaporize Butane Honey Oil extract (BHO)

    Tube/Bong - Slang term for a marijuana smoking water pipe.

    Uber – The thickest female GonG joint available. Standard joint is 1.8mm, Bistabil is 2.8mm, Uber is 4.0mm tubing.

    Worked - An area of glass that is filled in with color beyond the normal "clear" glass.

    Here is a list of a lot of different glass blowing techniques and the names for them, along with a picture so you can kinda get the idea. I will add more and more as I find examples of each of them.

    Fuming - vaporizing silver and gold onto a piece which changes color with use a fumed chaos marble

    Pinwheel -

    Implosion -

    Retti/Rettichello - a design of two opposing spirals layered on one another

    Sig Marble - marble with the artists signature

    Heady/Worked - a piece with alot of reversals and complicated glass techs

    Wig Wag sometimes called a reversal - a line pattern consisting of spirals

    Double Infinity w/ a Worked push -

    Window w/ double infinity inside -

    Honeycomb millie-

    honey comb-

    Dichro - glass with a special metallic coating that reflects and refracts light.

    Vortex Marble -

    Inside Out Production - simple pieces that make money

    Tetrising - getting reversals to line up smoothly

    Color Tube- used to make reversals

    Horns -

    Kiln - device used to anneal and cool glass slowly

    Moss - the green color mossy looking color used in some pipes (also a good example of a "snorkel carb")

    Basket Weave -

    Adventurine - colors that sparkle

    Disco - a silver sparkle color usually mixed with another

    Stick stack - a method of making lined tube for reversals

    Lattichino - twisted cane common in production inside out pieces

    I'm sure there are more and if you know of any put them up

  2. Word, i hope it was helpful. Anything else you think you could add please let me know and I'll put it up. I think i may start adding pictures too all of the definitions for a reference but that may take some time.
  3. Plus rep for the work and the info.

  4. cool post

  5. Cant believe I am just now finding this thread, and I was just searching some stuff on google. Great thread. + rep
  6. thoes are some bad ass pieces

    specially for newbie bong users liek myself looking for definitions! thanks so much!
  8. Wow, even the noobiest glass head will become an expert in no time just from reading this thread. Great post, op +rep... too bad my rep is neutral.
  9. uhhh at the beginning where you put 1.8mm theres no decimal point there its just plain 18mm/ 28mm/ 40mm
  10. Well done. You should put some simpler shit in like diffuser or downstem. Could also put zong in there and like define the different kind of pipes and bubblers you list off. Just like define some stuff you use in the definition cuz people would get confused if they don't even know the words your using to define it with. Ya feel me?

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