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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by flowerchild420, May 23, 2003.

  1. Someday

    A proposal of truth,
    Love and devotion,
    From the depths of my heart,
    Sweetest loves attention sewn.

    I say I love for reasons in mind,
    I really do whatever others say,
    How could I ever love anyone else,
    You are the one for me.

    I know you may not like me the same,
    But I will try no matter what comes about,
    For I know I love you,
    That will never change.

    I hope that one day we will be together,
    Wasting time........watching each other,
    To see what the other has to say,
    Or to touch the other's skin.

    One day I will tell you,
    How much I do wish you to know,
    That it is so very true,
    As I say that I love you.

    No one will ever know the extent of my feelings,
    You may someday know how far they go,
    But it is hard to express such things in just words,
    It just does not come about.

    Sometimes I think of how if I were a lover last,
    I would have changed myself so that you may have kept me,
    So I could be near you,
    Just to be able to touch you.

    No one understands how much I love you,
    I want to tell you someday,
    It means so much to me,
    And would, just to hear the same.

    Oh, in what ways I love you,
    So much I want to show you,
    I will show you.............
  2. that's really beautiful. that poem talks about how i feel about this one girl. i finally told her that i loved her, but she still doesn't know how much i really care... some day she will though :D

    whoever you wrote that for is a lucky guy :)
  3. Thank you hun but that man turned out to be an abusive alcoholic/IV drug user that wasn't worth my love but the poem still holds alot of meaning to me. It still brings tears to my eyes when I read it. But I'm glad you liked it.
  4. i got a bit teary eyed too.

    reminds me of donna. :(

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