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~~~~***A girl's first grow***~~~

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cking1114, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. This is my first grow. First grow of any kind actually. I've managed to kill everything I've ever attempted to grow so I'm kinda excited about this, but still really nervous cause i'm afraid I will mess up and kill my baby. :( As for what kind she is, it is a possibility of 4 diff ones....thats because when I recieved my seeds, I threw them all together to germinate them. I was just overly excited and didn't think. I bought from royal queen seeds. She is either royal ak automatic, easy bud, royal dwarf, or quick one automatic. I wish I knew now. :confused: Oh well, I just really hope she makes it. I have a cheap set up, because like I said I have always managed to kill everything. I'm using cfl's. I think I have around 14000 lumens of mixed spectrum, and I just have a regular fan to circulate the air. I cut a hole out of my plasic round container and put it in there. I'm not sure if thats ok, but it has kept the temp down and she has made it to a month old as of yesterday. I used miracle grow soil. I know, I but everything in my set up was bought from walmart, because again like I said, I've always killed everything. So anyway, tell me what you think kind please....I'm a sweet girl that gets her feelings hurt easily and I'm just learning.....;) I have pics from 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 4 weeks old. 054.jpg


  2. Howdy! Always good to see some females in the trade haha

    As far as your baby, she looks good especially considering u "kill" everything and use MG! If this is more of a test run than anything I would suggest flowering soon if its not an auto strain so there is less time for error.

    Do u plan on feeding her at all through flowering? I'm not too educated on MG soil but I doubt it has enough nutrients to last the complete grow cycle
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    copy this into google:

    grow 8 oz of bud for under $100

    First option should say PDF.Free book there.

    Best read for new growers IMO,and it's free.

    Never mind what lights he uses.Which is amazing.

    He shows you a day by day grow.Almost everything.

    When I was new I used MG soil.No one likes it here,but I've used it with success.

    For the most part its a very nice community.No worries about being new.We all were once.


    BTW your plants look very good so far.Whatever your doin keep doin it.

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