a girl i like is pregnant

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Talon, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. there was this girl named tiffany, she liked me, a whole fucking lot. i liked her too, but i never got around to hanging out with her. my niece always told me when they hung out, tiffany would talk about me, saying i was cute, and i had a nice car, and that i was a really cool dude to hang out with.

    6 months ago was the last time i seen her. i would ask my niece weekly about how tiffany is doing, and she would say that she doesent come out much and that shes always going out with some guys at night. well, today my niece seen her, said tiffany is pregnant.

    i go to my old hood, where tiffany lives, and i knock on her door. tiffany comes out, and looks all embarassed. she asks me what i want, and i tell her i want to talk to her. she comes out with a fuckin jacket on. i tell her i allready know shes pregnant and all that, shes 16 by the way. she busts out crying and tells me she fucked up. so i ask her what the fuck she was thinking, and she told me the guy told her to pop some extacy with him, and she was always fascinated by it, so she agreed. she said that when she started rolling, she got so fucking horny she didnt know what the hell she was doing. the guy fucked her without a condom, and well now shes fucking pregnant. he doesent talk to her anymore, she doesent know his last name, where he lives, ANYTHING.

    this girl just got screwed the fuck over. she was a really nice girl, she was always cool. she also wasnt slutty, which will make it hard on her, because thats what people will think of her when she has the kid.

    this pisses me the fuck off, because the bitch ass motherfucker fucked it up for her, and for me too. i liked this girl, but i dont want some chick who has a fucking kid by someone else. she will have a hard life because of this, mainly because her family doesent have a lot of money, and tiffany already struggles in school.

    god damn it i just have to vent, i hope this doesent fuck my nutmeg trip up.
  2. oh man, that sucks really badly :( sucks even more she cant get in contact with the guy.

    tell us how your nutmeg trip went :)
  3. haha i hope you have fun with nutmeg, i wasnt a big fan. if you do like it please post a trip report....anyway how interested in this girl could you be if you didnt talk to her in six months...matter of fact you never heard her say those compliments to you...i think youre overreacting...yes life is gonna suck a huge one for that girl but people make dumb decisions....you dont take x with a guy when no one else is around, if you dont plan on fucking the shit out of him.
  4. Aw, i\'m sorry.
    The best you can do is be there for her. Go to the doctor visits with her, help her pick out clothes, or just be there to hold her hand step-by-step.
    I know it\'d be scary to be out there alone and preggers by some guy who doesn\'t even talk to you anymore. I know it makes you mad that it was with some other guy, but the best thing you can do is be a shoulder to cry on, someone to lean on, and most importantly a friend to hold her hand.
    Just make sure she doesn\'t have to tough it out alone. It can be a very scary thing for a young girl like that.
    I\'m sure you\'ll know what to do. Just my two pennies.
    Edit: Also, don\'t be mad at her about it. She was on xtc, was walked up by the wrong group of guys...people make mistakes. Remember that.
    Editx2: Sorry if this sounds really girly. I just got finished watching Sex and the City, so i\'m all estragenized. Sorrrry...
  5. thats true to an extent, perhaps she did not fully know about the drug? i dunno

    sucks what happened to her, you shoulda gotten off your ass and talked to her sooner is all i could say

    i am assuming abortion is out of the question for her then

    ADD: PinkO makes a lot of good points man, if you really liked her as much as you said, atleast be there for her some while she has to go through that
  6. oh, shes a really nice girl. ill definitely help her out, and be there for her. the guy she was with was a friend of one of her friend\'s boyfriends. and that guy wont say nothing about where his friend lives. i knew she had a thing for me when i was with this other girl, but the girl i was with at the time just broke shit off with me for no reason. tiffany knew about this and told my niece to tell me that i could do better than that. i was interested in tiff because of what my niece told me. she always tells me that tiffany is asking about me, asking for my number, saying hi, all that shit. whenever she talked to me, she\'d be really nervous and id have to talk thru most of the conversation. i regret it, because my chance was there, and i didnt want to take it because i thought she was just too young.
  7. Why dont people think, that guy just fucked up this girls life, and she cant do anything about it without being called a murderer or aborter. What a jackass.

  8. baby dna test

    match it, find husband, and own him with childsupport

    edit: speakin of e and sex...

    6 hours til my gf is here
  9. ^^They need to know who the guy is so they can match it first. Real life isnt like CSI Hazed:wave:

  10. Haha, shit.

    I\'m sorry to hear about that. People make mistakes. I got a girl pregnant. I was so scared. But she carried the fetus for about 2 months, she ended up having a miscarriage. I mean, my child, my flesh died. I can\'t really say that I wanted he/she to die, but I was relieved. Death sucks, even it is a 2 month old baby.
  11. ^^^^ lucky but at the same time DAMNNNNNNNNN
  12. im guessing you watched the season finally on TBS? i was up all night with a fever so i ended up watching it twice. and yes i enjoyed it
  13. your 18 and dating 16 year olds?

    lol illegal?
  14. Since when were stoners so concerned with teh lawz?! I\'m not advocating dating underaged people or anything of the sort...i just think it\'s funny to call out other people on a pot forum for doing something illegal.

  15. BIG age difference isnt it? i must be a pedophile, because i talk to a girl that is a year and 6 months younger than me. :rolleyes:

  16. not illegal... only illegal if you have sex with them. just dating isnt illegal.
  17. you need to help her find out who this guy is.

    start talking to some people, find out anyone who would know. intimidate the friends boyfriend and his friends.

    you cant let some little fucking shit get away with that. get adults involved. that is some bullshit.

    and once you find him, kick his piece of shit ass.
  18. sounds like her friend isnt her friend cause she would have helped find out who it was...
  19. Why doesn\'t she just give the baby up and move on with her life? If she\'s not ready for it, her family\'s not ready for it.. give it to someone who is.
  20. i plan on finding the guy, and if he doesent take responsibility for it, i will seriously fuck him up. her friend doesent know the guy either, or so she says, i dont know why she wouldnt help her out, i sure as hell would.

    i have a question, if i beat his ass and since hes not an adult yet, how much trouble would i be getting myself into if i got caught?
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