A Gift to You

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by MattEtweg, May 15, 2010.

  1. Stare AT WALLS! You use to do it when You were young. It takes You back then, Ahh do you Remember? You just got ‘scared' of it and ‘I'm a big Kid and I don't stare at Walls' Ha ha. Pretty funny. Probably should have practiced more.
    There are many Ways to Me, You just got to find them. That is Why you have been ‘trying' to figure it out. Many of You do very well at ‘this' most of ‘you' do not. Those that don't are giving us a bad name. Those that do, well You need to spread the word some more. There is no Fear here. You just need to Do Something Positive, Loving others and making them feel loved. When You do this, there is Love abundantly. When You do the other, less Love and more Fear. Staying Away, is the Free Will. Those that are scared of this path or think it is something other than it Is. Please DO NOT chasites us. This is Our Way, remember Freedom of Religion. That is Why It IS Here! To allow ALLOW YOU to come back. There is NO RIGHT WAY, THERE IS JUST ALL WAYS. Just don't stop others from doing ‘their' way or this way. Let them choose Not to Do it. Don't Chose for them. If You make yourself do it Another Way, make sure You have read The Arrival of Now. It may help You right Another Way.

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