A gift or a Curse

Discussion in 'General' started by grassisfree, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. I just did coke,(ive tried it b4) but this is hardcore. I was just wondering if their is a scientific explanation of why people can't stay this happy forever. Wouldnt this be wonderful. I'm sorry i think im wasting a thread.
  2. Haha is this guy feeling some euphoria or what.

    :smoking: :hello:

    (London Calling is a HELLA good song)
  3. Well... because the reason we're so happy is because the body is over exerting its dopamine "capabilities" for a lack of a better word... an extended period of time in this state will wear the body out.

    Yet, I'm sure you've heard of SSRI's which do the same thing at a milder level by changing your dopamine receptors permanently. Prozac is an example of an SSRI.
  4. yeah i understand what your saying. now i feel like shit because i used up all my reserve momoanime neurotransmitters

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