A Gift For My Grandparents

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  1. Well im having a hard time figuring out what to get my grandma and grandpa. They recently turned 60 and i have a new job and get to stay with them for no rent :) so i figure my next check ill get them somthing nice and show them i love them.

    I was thinking i could get my grandma this

    But i have no idea what to get my grand father so any ideas on witch gifts i could get him would be great.:)
    Thank you for your time blades. Stay high
  2. make them some edibles, its the best gift.
  3. get him a hookah 
  4. I dont understand these threads.
    How the fuck do WE know what YOUR grandparents want? Look at what each one of them are fond of man im sure they must have said something in the past 20 somethin years you knew them.
    Or be general and get ur grandma some jewlery and your grapa a watch or something.
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    Well if you read it..you would have seen i picked out a necklace for my grandma,wanted some feedback for it. if its a crappy gift or a necklace they would give as a gift and i didnt know what to get my grandfather. So for my grandfather i was thinking some blades would suggest a nice gift....Like a watch.So Thank you for that. But Please dont go into a thread and say stuff like "idk why people post these threads" i didnt know grandsons buying there grandparents gifts was such a repeating thread like the "what kind of weed is this" threads in the tokers q and a. So my appologys for asking the city on there opinion on what to get my grandparents.
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    A nice wallet or money clip is always a good go to gift for grandpas and dads. If he's a cigar smoker maybe a humidor, or a couple cigars of his favorite brand. A pocket watch is a great gift too.

    Whatever you decide, I'm sure they will be appreciative!
  7. I think pocket watch or a wallet is going to take the cake on this one. Thank you all sooo much blades. Also does that necklace look ok to you guys? I want to realy show my grandparents how hard ive worked and how much i love them. I want it to be perfect. :)
  8. If you want my honest opinion, it's kind of cheap. But it's not about what you spend. It's truly and honestly the thought that counts, so go for it, man. And good on you for wanting to step up and give back like this. It's an impressive sentiment.
    What kind of guy is your grandpa? If he would get use out of it, a pocket knife would be a great gift. I also like the wallet idea.
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  9. ^lol. Butt yeah its cheap

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  10. Maybe you don't necessarily need to buy them anything. Do they drink wine? Why not pour them a glass of red and cook them dinner one night. Or buy them a grocery voucher - unless you already help out with that sort of thing. 
  11. I think artoasty nailed it....pocket knife for gramps

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