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  1. So i just got my 8 seeds from the attitude, 5 pack of blue mystic, one amnesia lemon, one church, and one bubba kush, i went to germ 3 of the BM and the amnesia in a cup and they all were floating. really? four dead seeds? or something else up?

  2. so thats nirvana and ghsc seed's then correct?
    use wet paper towel bro..
    and seed's usually float in water to start with..
    they will sink if you poke at the water surface..
    surface tension has them sitting in top..
    but i alway's use paper towel's till i see a good tail then they go in the growing medium
  3. all my seeds that i was germanating in water floted at first
  4. Thank you guys for the info, I dont have paper towels so coffee filters? thats what i am doing them in now.
  5. hmm why not go buy some paper towels?
  6. Or why not just leave them in the water?
  7. toilet paper or napkin will do instead of paper towel but coffee filters dont hold water. i also found that warm water and keepin in zip bag in a heated place makes them germinate way faster.
  8. warm water will speed things right up! my seeds germ overnight in toilet paper on a plate with a second smaller plate covering them i pour boiling water on the tissue give it 5 mins to cool then place in seeds cover with more tissue then plate then it goes in the boiler cupboard 100% germ rate so far! some of my seeds are at least a year old bagseed and still always germ.
  9. next time just drop seed a quarter inch down in soil cover top soil spray top with phed water 3-7 days later you will see a sprout
  10. Top to Bottom, Left to right

    Nirvana's Blue Mystic Feminized is the top row and the left two in second row.

    Then there is a DNA genetics Sharks Breath

    The third row is two Green House seeds Lemon Skunk feminized and a DNA genetics Cole Train.

    The bottom row is all Lemon Skunk feminized.

    This is 4 days after putting them straight in to expanded coco. I used Cal-Mag plus, Liquid Karma, Canna Coco A&B, and Canna Rhizotonic to expand botanicare cocogro and to keep it wet.

    I used to try all these wacky seed starting strategies. Now I just put them in the media, works great, 12 for 12 in 100 hours :)

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