A gangsters diary.

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    Hi, I'm new to the community. I began writing a diary a good 5 days ago. I thought I'd share it with you guys.

    I'm open to any criticism and/or hating.
    Names and locations have been changed.

    So far I have only 2 entries. I will be adding more as the days go by and I write about my days. I don't write everyday as I only write for days that are interesting enough.

    You don't have to reply to this thread. Your welcome to just read :)
    I'm not expecting replies as I'm just using this forum as somewhere I can keep the diary.
    I am a full time college student.

    My entries will be an outline of this:

    Person (New person introduced in this entry)- A little about them and my association.


    Small notes (Will consist of small things)

    Okay here goes...

    Jan. 14th
    Girlfriend - Raine. Short and sexy curves thick. Black straight hair. She is half white and Filipino. Shes bipolar, but she loves me to DEATH KKKccKKK. Little bit about her, she is crazy and doesn’t let anyone fuck with her! Her family is a everyone-for-themselves type of family. No one cares for each other. I've been with her for a good 2 and a half years now.

    I've snuck weed into a court building once before (last week) and didnt get caught.
    I remember facing the judge with weed in my sock while he discussed my rights and charges.
    This time I was headed to court for a trial and didnt want to chance it so I had my girl come over and
    hold my weed for me outside while she waited. I was coming from L town to VN town with no car
    so I was traveling on foot. Wouldnt you know...The guy at the metal detector checked my socks.
    lol thank god.

    I got in and out of court with a horrible decision to make. Take the City attourneys sentence offer
    or go to trial. I had a slim chance of winning my trial, due to confusion and wording of the charge
    but a bigger chance of losing.
    My Public Deffender gave me a day off to think about it. Me and my girl rented a hotel
    and fucked liked crazy and smoked that ganja :)
    Of course I had my recently bought 12mp digital camera and made porn videos and porn pictures.
    It was a very hot and steamy night!

    To top the night off I watched Lebron get owned by a rookie on the Utah Jazz through a 3 pointer
    buzzer beater! Fucking sweet!
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    Jan 16th

    Snake Bites: He is a black guy mixed with Italian and white. So he claims. He lives out of his car and has no job or family. I like to think of him as a Nomad. He has snake bite piercings on the bottom of his lips so I call him Snake Bites. He does all drugs available to him and is willing to throw a fight down anytime, anywhere. Although he is cautious due to his probation for domestic violence. He is 5’10 and weighs a good 220 pounds.

    King James: My dealer, I call him King James because his name is James and I love the NBA. I met him through Snake Bites. He’s a white dude whose shares the same physical traits as Snake Bites. I’ve only known him about 2 weeks at this point. He was recently shot in a drug deal gone bad so he doesn’t hang out from time to time as much as he is trying to heal. He smokes me out whenever given the chance.

    MT: A friend follower. Hes about 5’8 and weighs 225 pounds I’m guessing. He hangs out with whoever is around. He is also known as a rapist. As in the short time I’ve known him he’s date-raped about 3 girls. He to also does any drugs available to him.

    deAndre: He is an inspiring rap artist who is also schizophrenic and stuck on heroin. He recently cheap-shotted Snake Bites at a Heroin House my old crew usually kicked it at and sparked a big fight between them. I believe he is dead at this point as word on the street is deAndre was found overdosed dead in the gutters after escaping the mental hospital after serving a 1 month sentence in the county for a pound of mary-jane. He was 6’6 and really skinny. Maybe weighed 170?

    Alright. I slept in till 4pm. Yes, I know…I sleep to fuicking much. But I don’t give a shit really because I literally don’t have anything to do but sleep. Than again I can always use the extra time to straighten out my life instead of extra sleeping.
    Anyways my homeboy Snake Bites was hitting me up all day (I’m really high right now I’m sorry if im making no sense) and I didn’t answer him for half the time because I was sleeping. So I finally answer him and he tells me some bitch named “Barbie” wants to come kick it with us at my house and start a bon fire.
    Bon Fire? You ask?
    Yes, I live in a country/city town (Which is surprisingly ghetto as its filled with gangsters and thugs, or at least I think. Most of the time I associate with petty thugs) and we have country style backyards. So people sometimes make bon fires at their houses to smoke mary-jane and drink that hard liquor. Dumb fucks. Theirs nothing to do in my town except go to house parties, clubs (which I stay away from now thanks to some political gangsters I enganged in during an after party, long story,) kickbacks, and bars. And sense its that kind of town that means lots of the local people do drugs and drink. Crack, heroin, coke, all that stupid shit.
    Don’t worry, the town is not that bad. I think I only perceive the town of the world in which I’m engaged in with my friends. I see nothing but dumb thugs and drug users.
    Back to the Bon fire event. So I get up and clean myself and all that good stuff and cleaned my room real good. By that time it was time to have my little kickback. I never know what happens with these events. Snake Bites is always meeting new people. I don’t know how but he meets a lot of people and makes friends anywhere. So he usually has someone new to kick it with it who then invite other people to come chill. So I prepared my bon fire spot. Snake bites came over at 9:30pm.
    Those people never came and Snake Bites talked on my phone all night to his usual 4-day girlfriend. He also let me talk to some girl on the phone out in San Diego. I don’t know how it got to the point where she was asking if I loved to get my dick sucked! Girls are fucking horny…hornier than men. They are just more discreet about it, you know?
    So I’m like “Fuck it, lets get some Del Taco and call it a night.”
    Before I go in I smoke Snake Bites out in his car with my ghetto homemade water-bottle-and pen-with-foil bong with some weed I bought from King James. Of course the whole time he was talking on my little Nokia phone to the chick that wanted to know if I liked my dick sucked.
    He bounces and its time for me to relax and enjoy my high in my room.

    Small notes: MT called me and told me he had a bottle of Tequila. I assumed he wanted to drink and kick it and get a night started. Which is weird because I hadn’t talked to him in a good 2 months. I had to let him down as he might get fucked up by Snake Bites. MT has no problem with Snake Bites but he will snap his neck just for being friends with deAndre.

    I will be adding entries as the interesting days go by...
  3. oh shit whose this gangsta?!?!
  4. It's time to grow up and make some new friends. Hanging out with rapists and junkies will probly just make you end up being one of them.:wave:

  5. It'll never happen. And I limit myself don't worry. I try and steer away from the things they do. I'm just in for the ride.

    And to the dude who said "oh shit whose this gangsta?"

    LOL, I'm not gangsta. Just didnt have a title for my thread lol.

  6. Pics of what? My friends? That would be a burn...

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